How to Get Haki in One Piece: New World (Haki Progression)

One Piece: New World is a Roblox game, inspired by the popular Anime One Piece. It shares a similar genre to the series, allowing players to upgrade skills, and get bounty on their heads.

In addition to the bounties, the game allows you to unlock and use Haki. This is a comprehensive guide on unlocking Haki in Roblox One Piece: New World.

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Roblox One Piece: New World – How to Unlock Haki?

One piece new world haki

In the realm of this game, there are a number of Haki that players can unlock. For example; Buso Haki, Armament Haki, and even Advanced forms of these Haki.

In order to get the Haki, it is recommended to reach at least level 15. This is the minimum threshold, that will enable the players to defeat the Boss. Additionally, it is advised to farm for Haki progression in the Rampage Event.

Rampage event fetches some of the powerful bosses to the game, and defeating them secures EXP, Beli, and some of the rare items. Just defeat these bosses to get Beli in One Piece: New World.

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Go to the Alabasta

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In order to go to the Alabasta, talk to the Non-Playing Character (NPC) and a ship will spawn. Swim in the seam, hop in the ship, and head towards the location.

Same as the original One Piece series, where Luffy encountered Smoker. At this point in time, Smoker was way too powerful for Luffy to handle. The same might happen to you. Be ready to go 1-on-1 against the boss here.

Fight the Boss

haki in One piece new world roblox
Defeat the Boss to get Haki in Roblox One PIece: New World

Fighting a formidable boss here might be overwhelming as he will start slashing, starting from your entrance. You can either run away from him and get a good location to confront him. Be familiar with the surroundings, as it will help in this fight.

Use your skills and powerful attacks on him to bring a swift conclusion to the fight. As this boss will be having high HP, you have to use strongest attacks you have.

Having a perfect squad to confront the Boss is the most preferable way to eliminate this Boss. However, if you are fighting with a team ready, the resource that Boss will spawn will be distributed with your teammates.

Once the enemy is killed, go to his corpse and claim all the resources he has. You might have to kill the bosses here multiple times, to get you Haki in hand.


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