How to Get Gems in Haze Peice [Best Ways]

Haze Piece is an extreme-level competitive walkthrough roblox game and requires skills to master it. Apart from Gear 4 and Gear 2 Upgradation and Swords, gems play an important role in every mode of the Haze Piece game.

Here is a guide on How to get gems in Haze Piece along with the best tips and tricks to continue the steady flow of collecting diamonds defeating bosses and unlocking new swords in the game.

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Haze Piece Gems

Haze Peice Tier List
Haze Peice Tier List

Gems are an important currency of the game apart from commonly used coins. Gems are very valuable due to their worthiness and rarity which makes players grind hard to farm Best Badge Break In 2 in the game.

From collecting different races or learning how to get spins in Haze Piece, everything can be shortlisted and made possible within a few clicks by use of gems that the user is seeking to unlock in huge quantities.

How to get Gems in Haze Piece

Gems are generally rewardable tokens given after a specific quest or mission has been accomplished. Below are some of the ways that allow users to gain a few or sometimes hundreds of gems for free and easily.

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Open Daily Rewards Gift Boxes

Haze Piece Coins
Haze Piece Coins

When a player logs in and opens the game daily, stickers pop out consisting of multiple boxes that are free to claim. This keeps users active for a longer duration while steady sources of resources are distributed to users.

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Initial rewards may feel worthless but as the level and tier list is increased, valuable tokens are unlocked at a faster rate. This is the only task needed to get most gems over a long period of time.

Earn Gems by defeating Bosses and Monsters

How to defeat boss in Haze Piece
How to defeat the boss in Haze Piece

This is the most common practice followed to get a few gems in an instant. Try battling with the boss to give some damage and defeat them. Each mission is profitable as bosses are fewer in number and harder to conquer.

Sometimes gamers need to find places and methods allowing them to spawn bosses and carry out tasks of killing to get gems as output. XP and spins too are claimed along with this package.

Complete Quests to get gems

How to complete Quests in Haze Piece
How to complete Quests in Haze Piece

Certain locations have pre pre-set tasks available for the protagonist to follow to lead toward the right path throughout the walkthrough. This quest also helps in granting gems once the desired quest is completely done.

For example, delivery of barrels across sea and beach areas rewards with gems which is an easy task achieved by following the arrow via Phoenix bird that was added earlier in this update.

Saving Gems is sort of Earning them

Haze Peice Roblox
Haze Peice Roblox

This is an undervalued tactic that works in different frames. There are lots of users who actively participate in most events to get diamonds but spend them instantly once the mission is over.

This creates a scarcity of resources and the player is stuck in a loop unless more resources are collected or the player loses interest in this activity.



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