How to Get Custom Schrift Weapon in Roblox Peroxide

In Roblox, Peroxide is a 3D game inspired by the anime series Bleach. In this game, players choose to play as one of the character from Bleach, incorporating special abilities that a character possess. This progressive game allows players to level up their skills and unlock new abilities.

Custom Schrift Weapon is a formidable weapon, that skilled players can unlock in Peroxide. Here is the step-by-step guide on getting custom Schrift in Roblox Proxide.

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Roblox Peroxide: How to Get Custom Schrift?

Roblox Peroxide

As custom schrift is an exceptional sort of schrift that is not openly made available in the loot pool, players can create it after claiming certain items. Players can embed any desired special ability into the custom schrift.

To craft a custom schrift, players need to get Strange Ore. It is a rare item that can either to obtained from the game or can be purchased using Robux.

Instead, follow these steps to get strange ore and ultimately the custom schrift.

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1. Obtain Strange Ore

The most suitable way to obtain Strange Ore is by doing an invasion. Try to accomplish the invasion on low-level players, and open the crate. Keep on repeating the invasion until you secure the Strange Ore from the box.

2. Go to the Secret Laboratory

On claiming the Strange Ore, go to the secret laboratory located at the backside of the shop. On entering the laboratory, you can see Johan, leaning on the shelf. On entering you can see weapons placed on shelves in the lab; Claw, Revolver, Long Sword, and Short Sword. Any one of these will be claimed with the Strange Ore.

3. Communicate with Johan

Now, simply communicate with him having the Strange Ore in hand. On communicating, you will see five options, click on Could You Fix Me Up a Special Schrift?

Further, Johan will ask you for a Strange Ore, in return for manifesting a special Schrift. To proceed, click on Like This One. End the dialogue. Now, simply activate the schrift and a random schrift.

In case you don’t like the custom Schrift, talk to Johan again and click on May I Swap Between My Special Schrift. Keep on clicking the same option until you get the preferred one.

The swapping between the custom and normal Schrift without losing it is an amazing feature of the item. By following the given steps, you can easily obtain the Strange Ore and Get Custom Schrift in Roblox Peroxide.

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