How to Find Cursed Fingers in Anime Champions Simulator (Locations)

Anime Champions Simulator in Roblox is back again with an exciting quest that allows users to claim rewards on collecting all cursed fingers. There are a total of 10 cursed fingers to be claimed in order to get White Hound as the Mounts reward.

Here is a guide on How to get all cursed fingers and the locations of each finger in the Anime Champions game easily. Additionally, we provided the fastest way to do so in order to complete the quest early.

Cursed Fingers Anime Champions Simulator

Anime Champions New Quest
Anime Champions New Quest

With the recent Roblox Quest, users can start their extremely tough journey to collect cursed fingers along with Skin Reforger later on after this mission gets completed as well as how to repair Skin Reforger as a basic tool.

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Best Quest in Anime Champions Simulator

All Quests in Anime Champions
All Quests in Anime Champions
  • Cursed City
  • The Lab
  • Shadow Hounds
  • Raid Temple
  • Skin Reforging
  • Slayer Training

How to get Cursed Fingers in Anime Champion Simulator

How to find Cursed Fingers in Anime Champions Simulator
How to find Cursed Fingers in Anime Champions Simulator

Cursed Fingers are reward items claimed when the Cursed Finger mob is killed every time. Mob has a high percentage of damage and requires the whole team to work together to execute tasks.

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  1. Start Anime Champions Simulator Latest Quest
  2. Complete any one listed mission to start this quest
  3. Head towards the big building near the vehicle parking area
  4. Enter the building to spawn and teleport to a new world
  5. The player enters an area where lots of mobs are present including Cursed Finger as well
  6. Kill Cursed Finger and get +1 cursed points every time
  7. Repeat these steps until 10 items are collected
  8. The user gets White Mount as a reward after the quest is completed.

Once this task is completed, head towards the guide on Curse Stronghold which has better gift boxes and Anime Champions quirks compared to this event.

Anime Champions Rewards
Anime Champions Rewards

The next mission includes ways to collect Scrap in the anime Champion Simulator. While learning how to use scrap for better survival and bonuses in the game.


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