How to Find All 80 Helmet Locations in Car Dealership Tycoon (Motorcycle Update)

Roblox Car Dealership Tycoon is a fun-to-play game that involves unlocking new car units via the help of finding their respective parts hidden across various locations on the map. Purchasing and dealing for higher prices is essential to win and progress in the game.

With the latest update, the Free UGC Event has appeared along with the quest allowing you to collect a total of 80+ helmet locations. As we can estimate, this is no easy job to find each and every helmet to unlock the rewards.

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Here is a guide on how to find all 80 helmets in a Car Dealership Tycoon game along with location details to make you claim the helmet faster and more efficiently compared to your own gaming experience.

How to find all 80 helmet locations in Car Dealership Tycoon

Helmets Car Dealership Tycoon
Helmets Car Dealership Tycoon

With the latest Motorcycle update, a mission to collect plenty of hidden helmets has appeared. Some Youtubers claim there are a total of 50 helmets but a deep walkthrough proves them to be exactly 80.

Here are helmet locations in Roblox CDT to make you feel like easy enjoy new updates and explore new features.

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  • Helmet 1: Near bushes in front of police station building
  • Helmet 2: Travel through the bridge towards the pink building. The helmet is present at one of its corners
  • Helmet 3: Below bench present beside Season Trophies and Top Trophies board
  • Helmet 4: Inside the Limited Museum on top of a blue luxurious car
  • Helmet 5: Reach on top of the 3rd floor of a parking spot
  • Helmet 6: Jump to the next building from the parking terrace and claim the next helmet of red color
  • Helmet 7: Get down to Results cardboard, green helmet is spawned near it
  • Helmet 8: Ride towards a blue bungalow similar to Bank, the helmet lies on the stairs
  • Helmet 9: You can see the white house, and climb the ladder to collect the next one
  • Helmet 10: When it’s night, spot the green tower to collect another helmet easily

This is the location of 10 helmets which we found to be the hardest to find. The remaining locations are easy to locate and reach.

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  • Helmet 11: From the last spot, climb a ladder to the 4th floor for another helmet spawning on the corner
  • Helmet 12: Below the highway bridge, a little away from the tunnel is this helmet
  • Helmet 13: Move towards a colorful rollercoaster. You can see a pink helmet near the big tree
  • Helmet 14: Climb the rollercoaster and reach the top-most point in order to collect one more
  • Helmet 15: On the side of the ocean beach, there is a beautiful sand structure consisting of rows and column designs. One helmet is present on the last path
  • Helmet 16: Yellow construction work is ongoing. Head towards large containers
  • Helmet 17: Similarly visit nearby spots to claim additional helmets present in the same area
  • Helmet 18: Enter the large godown which is totally empty but full of helmets
  • Helmet 19: Swim towards the fort-like building. Players can find multiple helmets there
  • Helmet 20: Head towards the Car Factory site. The blue helmet has been spawned near the front gates

Here are a few locations of helmets that we find crucial points and users should be aware of while completing this task.

  • Helmet 21: Go inside the Car Factory. Move in the direction of box storage, at the bottom is a new helmet
  • Helmet 22: Ride the vehicle towards the intersection of 3 highway roads. At the center lies a pink helmet
  • Helmet 23: Direct up the road, the user can see a green helmet lying on the side of the turn
  • Helmet 24: Keep moving in the same direction until a large mountain obstructs. Check all positions of the base
  • Helmet 25: Near the mountain is a deep underground tunnel. Follow the same path
  • Helmet 26: Follow the same road until another helmet is seen near bumps at some distance
  • Helmet 27: Find another tunnel, at the starting point lies one more helmet ready to be claimed
  • Helmet 28: Travel and cover all radial areas of the mountain containing hard rock. You will get another one there
  • Helmet 29: Head towards the waterfall. Reach it’s starting end by climbing or riding through long-distance
  • Helmet 30: Some distance away from the cascading waterfall is the pink villa. Reach others there quickly

We hope, all the locations are clear and require no extra details. If the user has been engaged in gameplay for years, it’s quite possible to identify each location within a fraction of a second.

Car Dealership Tycoon Motorcycle Update

Car Dealership Tycoon Update
Car Dealership Tycoon Update

As discussed earlier, the New update introduced 7 new bikes including sports and exotic ones. Here is a complete list of new vehicles that arrived and how to get them one by one in New Moto Dealership.

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All 7 New Bikes in Motorcycle Update

  • Harrison Rider
  • Yasamo GP
  • Kamozoji Nitro
  • Dualy GP
  • KFN 58
  • Hendy 054
  • MrRacer

    Motorcycle Update in CDT
    Motorcycle Update in CDT


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