How to Craft Powerful Boss Weapons in Lies of P

Lies of P is an action souls-like game set in an offensive, dark Belle Époque world. One of the distinctive features of this game is Crafting Boss Weapons. However, formulating these weapons is not an easy task, as it requires a bunch of raw materials to be assembled.

Even though a feeble weapons are easy to prepare, formidable ones take a lot of efforts. But they are worth doing, as they work perfectly against the Bosses. To that extent, here is a guide on Crafting Powerful Boss Weapons.

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Lies of P: How to Craft Powerful Boss Weapons?

To formulate a formidable weapon in Lies of P, you have to gather rare items called Ergo that spawn when you kill a Boss. However, the fun fact is these items can easily be obtained from Alidoro.

Be sure to distinguish these items from the normal ones, as the boss items can’t be modified by handles and blades.

Find Alidoro

alidoro in lies of p
Alidoro in Lies of P, at St. Frangelico Cathedral Library

Alidoro is an NPC. In order to find him, you have to be in Chapter Four of the Campaign and go to St. Frangelico Cathedral Library. Look at the map, avoid traps, kill enemies (if confronted), and advance to the destination.

Once you have reached the library, you will spot a dog NPC, and he is Alidoro. Alidoro will craft you boss items in exchange for Ergo. He will showcase a list of things that you can exchange. Most of the items on the list will be Amulets; Conquering Amulets, Extreme Modification Amulet, etc. It’s up to you to claim amulets or weapons; Holy Sword of Ark, Two Dragon Swords, etc.

Best Boss Weapons in Lies of P

The weapons in Lies of P rely on three stats; Motivity, Technique, and Advance. Any weapon will have two of the three stats, rated from A to E. The Higher the rating, powerful the weapon.

Holy Sword of Ark

King Flames Ergo

  • Motivity: B
  • Technique: C
  • Physical ATK: 201 + 80
  • Charge Pulse Cells: 11.50
  • Fable Charge: 528

You need to have Kings Flame Ergo to craft this weapon. No worries, you will eventually claim these Ergo by following the normal progression in the game. Holy Sword of Ark is a deadly sword, giving a different hitting on each click.

Two Dragon Sword

Puppet Devouring Green Hunter in Lies of P
Puppet Devouring Green Hunter in Lies of P
  • Motivity: D
  • Technique: A
  • Physical ATK: 155 + 100
  • Charge Pulse Cells: 10.55
  • Fable Charge: 423

The Two Dragon Sword comes with an emergency dodge ability, along with wind of swords. This sword really has unique attacks, so attack while your character is in motion.

To craft Two Dragon Sword, you need to get Puppet Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo.

Puppet Ripper

puppet ripper sword in lies of p
Puppet Ripper sword in Lies of P
  • Motivity: C
  • Technique: B
  • Physical ATK: 248 + 100
  • Charge Pulse Cells: 11.65
  • Fable Charge: 528

The Puppet Ripper sword manifests a quick forward slash and a storm-spinning slash. The normal attacks are just like a normal slash, however, the special attack turns the sword into a kind of whip.

In order to craft this weapon, you will be to get Burnt White King’s Ergo.

Following the Ergo and eradicating the bosses will easily grant you access to these powerful weapons in Lies of P.


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