How to Be a Bounty Hunter in Starfield

Bethesda’s latest action role-playing game (RPG), Starfield, does not revolve around a single agenda of space exploration. Rather it boasts several other ways to enjoy the game. Ranging from smuggling to being a bounty hunter, Starfield covers everything.

Being a Bounty Hunter is one of the best ways to make money in Starfield. In this job, players might come across formidable targets, and eliminating them will surely grant a lot of cash. Follow this guide to be a Bounty Hunter in Starfield.

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Starfield: How to Be a Bounty Hunter?

The Trackers Alliance is the guild for a bounty hunter in Starfield. Players can claim the missions at certain Kiosks. Certainly, there are two ways to get bounty-hunting missions.

1) Getting Missions from The Trackers Alliance Agents

Starfield Trackers Alliance Agent

The straightforward way to get the bounty hunter missions is by collecting from the agents of the Trackers Alliance. These agents are spread all across the space, but can mostly be found in Spaceport Cities.

Players will be easily able to spot the Trackers Alliance Agents by the unique armor they wear. Interact with this Non-Playing Character (NPC) to get a unique mission each time players ask them. Eliminate the wanted criminals and get a huge amount of cash.

2) Get from Mission Boards

Mission Board in Starfield

Apart from getting missions from agents, players can obtain directly from the Trackers Alliance at certain Kiosks. These kiosks are located in faction headquarters. Once you locate these kiosks, interact with them and claim a bounty-hunting job. Press the A button for interaction.

The missions can vary from killing an individual to destroying ships or saving hostages. The amount of the bounty differs based on the difficulty of the task granted.

How to Complete Bounty Missions in Starfield?

Starfield Mission Board

On claiming a bounty mission, the objective will be added to the mission log. Follow the desired path reach out to the market and eradicate the target, There is no need to get back to the mission board again, as you will automatically earn the reward for the assignment.

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