Garten of BanBan: How to get Diamond Skin & Legendary Skin (Roblox Guide)

Roblox Garten of BanBan RP game consisting of various morphs along with legendary, diamonds and other skins. Each skin is rare and hard to unlock while morphs work in similar fashions. In the recent update, Diamonds Oplla Bird & Diamonds Jumbo Josh are two diamonds listed under legendary skins.

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How to get Diamond Skins in Garten of BanBan

How to get skins in Garten of BanBan
How to get skins in Garten of BanBan

Here is a detailed guide on how to get diamonds and legendary skins in Garten of BanBan. In order for the player to unlock these morph skins, follow the listed instructions step-by-step and you can finally have a chance to unlock both of them.

  1. Open Garten of BanBan RP on Roblox
  2. Claiming the reward box is the only way to unlock legendary diamond skins
  3. Use Lucky Boost & Speed Boost simultaneously
  4. Spin the wheel daily for extra resources and benefits
  5. All the gift boxes contain a time lock period before giving out skins
  6. Be active and play consistently to get the chance to win diamond skins.

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This is the basic mechanism of the game when it comes to getting morphs and skins. With the use of Redeem codes, it becomes easier to collect coins and resources but time cannot be skipped at any cost in order to get rewards.

How to get Legendary Skins in Garten of BanBan in Roblox

Garten of BanBan Guide
Garten of BanBan Guide

Similar to diamond skins, Legendary Skins are important. In order to get Legendary Skin, there is a requirement of Givanium in tons of quantity which is usually a hard part to claim skins. Without a guide, the player has the opportunity to unlock different skins for free but needs to grind a lot in-game for better results

  1. Select the Shop option from the middle bottom of the screen
  2. The player has the option to purchase multiple skins using Givanium
  3. Complete quests, use redeem, and grind for more Givanium coins
  4. Use this Givanium to buy Legendary Skins for free
  5. Have Timer Boost and Jump Boost to collect resources fast
  6. Repeat these steps to unlock all legendary skins easily

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After following this set of instructions, users have a high chance to equip Crystal Jumbo Josh Skin along with Givanium Jumbo Josh. If you’re lucky enough, Glitter Stinger Flynn might be a bonus morph waiting for you.


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