Roblox Slap Battles: How to Get Retro Glove?

Slap Battles is one of the most popular Roblox games, where players compete in slapping competitions with various Gloves. These Glove holds special and unique abilities, helping players win the matches. Having a formidable Glove is vital to winning battles in Slap Battles.

Retro Glove is among the most powerful ones. Here is the complete guide to getting Retro Glove in Slap Battles.

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Retro Glove in Slap Battles

Gloves in Slap Battles

There are over 100 different Gloves, each with unique abilities. However, Retro Glove stands outstanding among all with its special abilities like Ban Hammer, Rocket Launcher, and Bomb.

You can easily switch between them by Double Jumping. If you look closely, the Glove knocks players with a sword rather than slap.

  • Ban Hammer: The Ban Hammer ability slams the hammer on the ground. The nearby troops are critically impaired.
  • Rocket Launcher: The Rocket Launcher’s ability launches a rocket in the desired direction. If any player gets hit by the rocket is knocked out with a boom of an explosion.
  • Bomb: Bomb is an offensive + defensive ability, that delivers a bomb at your feet, allowing you to jump to distance. The nearby players are damaged by the Bomb.

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Easiest way to get Retro Glove + Parkour Pwner badge in Slap Battles?

Retro Glove and Parkour Pwner in Slap Battles

In order to claim the Retro Glove, you have to complete a special challenge in the game’s lobby. To complete this challenge, you need 3 players; you are equipped with Recall Glove, the second one with Glitch Glove, and the last one with Error Glove.

Ask the player with Glitch user to use the ability on you and then use the Error Glove ability to teleport to the lobby, with 3 maps.

Now start climbing the entire Obby, and make sure that you don’t fall off the platform. In case you fell from it, you will be teleported back to Slap Battles Lobby.

Once you successfully get to the top, press the Red Button and get back to the Lobby. Slap Battles will reward you with Parkour Pwner Badge and a Retro Glove on returning.

Is Retro the strongest glove in Slap Battles?

Despite its strong appearance and powerful abilities, the Retro glove truly cannot withstand the damage of a few top gloves. This includes The Orbit or Gods Hand which are considered as best gloves.

To know more about why other gloves have occupied higher spots by reading our guide on the top 10 gloves in slap battles. Be ready to calm and attack enemies.

Things to remember

On the way to completing the tower, make sure not to touch the Red Spots. Any contact with them will kill you. Even avoid the red tiles when doing parkour. The tower will try to fool you by making the tiles almost invisible. Be careful!

To be on the safer side, try to avoid Red spots (This will be the Alert Zone) in the game. Jumping sideways makes it more manageable for avoiding the danger zones.

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By following the esteemed directory, you can easily secure Parkour Pwner Badge as well as the Retro Glove. Still, you will need to improve dodging skills by attempting the tower multiple times.

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