Redboxglobal India Review: How to Use, Subscription, Legit?

Redboxglobal India is the latest stock market real-time news and updates app. Developed by Redboxglobal on an initiative to spread awareness regarding financial education. The app allows users to see all sorts of metrics that affect stock prices. Their primary focus lies in bringing fresh news that could lead to the rise or fall of certain stocks.

Here is a review allowing users to understand more about this stock app and the best way to use it for higher efficiency.

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Redboxglobal India Review

Redboxglobal India App
Redboxglobal India App

The parent company, Redboxglobal has been an expert financial advisor for years, having a strong audience base on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. To broaden this audience, the app has been launched on Playstore and Appstore specifically targeting Indian stocks.

How to use the Redboxglobal India App

How to use Redboxglobal India
How to use Redboxglobal India

Similar to any other app, we need to log in using Google or Facebook details to enter the world of the money market. With various features, you may choose ongoing changes. Below are instructions for newbies to help them navigate through Redboxglobal.

  1. Download the Redboxglobal India App from Playstore/Appstore
  2. Sign Up/Login using Google or FB authentication
  3. View real-time stocks, graphs, news and analysis
  4. The user needs to purchase a Subscription worth rs3,400 per year
  5. Continue browsing to keep an eye on your portfolio

Features of Redboxglobal India

  • Home: Real-time prices of currencies, stocks, and the latest news
  • Fire: Dedicated section covering news, commodities, etc. from your targeted stocks, updated every few minutes
  • Briefcase: Section to bookmark or target specific assets to view their history and future predictions

Should we buy a Redboxglobal India Subscription

Redboxglobal India Subscription
Redboxglobal India Subscription

Redboxglobal India is a legit app and user who wishes to learn should definitely try out their Subscription plan. At present, purchasing Subscription price is set to rs3,400 per year which is considered affordable compared to this competitors

The application is perfectly fantastic but upon signing up for the first time,. But requires a Subscription to be purchased if our day-to-day activities should be continued which makes it harder for new users.

Redboxglobal India Social Media Details

If you face any issues while navigating through the app, fail during the purchase of the Subscription model, or have a general inquiry, don’t hesitate to contact the support team via the following.

  • Redboxglobal India Twitter: @REDBOXINDIA on Twitter
  • Redboxglobal India Telegram: Contact @indiaredboxglobal id for full support
  • YouTube: Currently Unavailable

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