Lords Mobile Tycoon Challenge: Play & Get Ashen Queen & Dream Witch Skin

Lords Mobile has brought major updates in its 26 season allowing players to play Tycoon Challenge in order to unlock new hero skins such as Ashen Queen which is leader skins available. Later, these tokens can be collected and used to claim New Dream Witch Skin which is worth equipping due to its appearance and stunning looks.

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Lords Mobile Tycoon Challenge

Ashen Queen Skin in Lords Mobile
Ashen Queen Skin in Lords Mobile

The Tycoon Challenge Event is probably the most important event of this new season. This event is set to last for a week from 26 Aug to 2 Sep allowing users to claim multiple rewards, chests, and a few rare skins that have been added recently. Below is a guide on how to play & win in the Tycoon Challenge.

How to play Tycoon Challenge in Lords Mobile

Below are instructions to play & win which is pretty easy to start but hard while progressing to claim all the reward tier list and chest. There are a total of 5 chests and the last one contains all essential skins that the player requires in the Lords Mobile Monster Hunt.

  1. Open Lords Mobile game
  2. Click on Event from the button location in the right bottom corner
  3. Choose Tycoon Challenge from all the ongoing and upcoming challenges
  4. Complete to win Skin of Ashen Queen from the last artifact chest
  5. Use rewards to get Dream Witch Skin (optional)

How to get Ashen Queen Leader Skin in Lords Mobile

How to get Ashen Queen & Dream Witch Skin
How to get Ashen Queen & Dream Witch Skin

Ashen Queen is a newly introduced hero skin available for Queen Hero. At present skin is available through game events but after the cooldown of challenges, one can try to purchase this skin via Lords Mobile Store & Shop. This would probably cost lots of resources or real money in most cases

  1. Participate in Tycoon Challenge in Lords Mobile
  2. Compete to play & unlock all 5 chest
  3. The last chest contains 120 portraits of the Ashen Queen
  4. Use these portraits to get the skin for free
  5. Spend another 30 portraits to get Avatar instead

As of now, the requirements to unlock Ashen Queen are set to 120 portraits. Meaning, that Tycoon Challenge is capable of providing all of this and that’s an important event adding value to your card collection.

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Upcoming & Ongoing Events in Lords Mobile

Upcoming Events in Lords Mobile
Upcoming Events in Lords Mobile

Players love to participate in challenges happening in tournaments. Their top motivation is to claim free rewards without the help of Lord Mobile Redeem Codes. It is possible for players to grind hard in order to claim all their list of skins and abilities via portraits.

Ongoing Lords Mobile Events

  • Gift Galore
  • Kingdom Labors
  • Dragon Arena
  • Lords Cup
  • Guild Bash
  • Summer Cup

Upcoming Lords Mobile Events

  • Artifact Challenge
  • Tycoon Challenge (live)
  • Solo Event
  • Tycoon Update


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