Fire Force Online Guide: How to play, Generation, Become Fire Force or White Clad

Roblox Fire Force Online gets its new update and with these upcoming features, the game once again gained popularity. From choosing between White Clad, White Clad, or Internals to claiming generations, Here are beginners to advanced guides on How to play Roblox Fire Force Online guide along with the best tips and tricks for fast-forwarding the progress.

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Fire Force Online Guide

How to play Fire Force Online

Fire Force Online is one of the most popular Roblox games where players choose to become Fire Force or Sometimes become White Clad. With a long history of rivalry, the player supports their teammates to take down other groups which is the biggest threat to their existence.

Before choosing a side, there is a lot to explore, learn new skills, and master Generation powers before the fight takes place. The game perfectly shows the bonding of clan mates & thus becomes necessary to choose the strongest clan by looking for the clan tier list along with other factors too.

How to Become Fire Force in Fire Force Online

How to become FIre Force in Roblox
How to become FIre Force in Roblox

In general, Fire Forces are good people and work to keep peace in society. To be Roblox Avatars, helping needy players (NPC) would significantly impact our performance. The following steps will make sure of the Fire Force in the first attempt.

  1. Find grandma/NPC waiting to cross the road
  2. Help them crossroads (mission)
  3. Walk ahead of them to lead
  4. The position reputation of the player increases
  5. You’re one step closer to becoming Fire Force
  6. Help other players consistently and fight the evil boss

How to become White Clad in Fire force Online

How to become White Clad in Fire Force Online
How to Become White Clad in Fire Force Online

Opposite to Fire Force, White Clads are evil and known for their merciless behaviors. They are the king of the world and help none, spare no one but rule everyone. Use this interesting scenario to become White Clad in an easy way.

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  1. Find grandma/NPC needing help
  2. Do not help NPC to cross the road
  3. Leave NPC behind and move on
  4. Negative reputation increases
  5. The player is one step closer to being White Clad
  6. Keep on doing negative tasks to become White Clad

Generations in Fire Force Online

Right from birth, the player is categorized into one of 3 generation types. Players can have the choice to change their generation later on during the progression of the game. Generations are true powers inherited right from birth or simply you spawn in the environment.

Namely Generation 1, Generation 2 & Generation 3 are the primary skill set that levels up to a certain extent. Let’s have a look at each generation tier list bringing the reality of how powerful a player actually is.

Generation 1 in Fire Force Online

Users can have the choice to transform themselves into infernals. Thereby leading to equip power of evil infernals that are known for negative reputation points and works

Generation 2 in Fire Force Online

Can be considered as the true heir of the game. The player with this ability can control fire on their fingers. Use them to destroy cities or fuse them into weapons to make it kore powerful. Generation 2 power has no comparison with the rest of the skills.

Generation 3 in Fire Force Online

The last level power set where the enormous fire is stored inside the body of protagonist. As advised, do not try to fight Generation 3 warriors they are confident and perfect competitors to crush their opponent in merciless way.


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