Eternal Heroes Guide: How to Play, Hero Tier List, Quest & Codes (Roblox)

Eternal Heroes Roblox is similar to League of Legends but twisted into the Roblox version. At present, the game is in early access mode and only content creators are allowed to play and stream on various social media platforms.

As per my gameplay and Walkthrough, I believe Eternal Heroes is going to be a game-changer for attractive users from all over the world.

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Roblox Eternal Heroes Guide

How to play Eternal Heroes in Roblox
How to play Eternal Heroes in Roblox

Here is detailed information about Eternal Heroes guide on How to play & win in the lobby. Also, the External Heroes Tier List of Hero is available showcasing the perfect and strongest warriors of all time.

Finally, how to complete a quest in order to unlock abilities and upgrade them.

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How to play Eternal Heroes in Roblox

Eternal Heroes Roblox new game
Eternal Heroes Roblox new game

Similar to Battle Royale, a squad of friendly teams battles with minion-based locations with the aim to destroy enemy towers via the use of crystals collected from wiping out minions.

Killing minions ( robot-like machines ) helps to gain a few crystals that are again used to decrease enemy tower health.

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Whoever completes this mission is a winner and this loop continues but every time a new hero and their abilities are introduced in the gameplay

Eternal Heroes Tier List – Hero

Eternal Heroes Tier List
Eternal Heroes Tier List

Heroes are essential in order to play the Eternal Heroes game. The characters that we control are heroes and thus powerful heroes inherit speedy skills and abilities that beat opponents in the arena.
Here are all heroes in the game along with categorized into a tier list to select based on their strengths and weakness.

  • Oni (Assassin)
  • Ember (Blaster)
  • Sumo12 (Tank)
  • Sylvie (Assassin)
  • Vex (Assassin)
  • Nova (Blaster)
  • Eternal

How to unlock Heroes in Eternal Heroes

Completing quests to get Best Gloves on a daily basis rewards with resources such as coins, diamonds, and Robux. This helps in upgrading as well as unlocking new heroes. Also, each hero can be leveled up to max level 10 which is pretty hard and time-consuming.

Events and Eternal Heroes Codes will help you a lot in this process.

How to complete quests in Eternal Heroes

Roblox Eternal Heroes
Roblox Eternal Heroes

Playing matches in a limited time to complete quests is the ultimate goal of the game. Unlike COD, players would suffer from boredom if winning remains a top priority without making modifications to abilities and skins. Hence, it is recommended to complete a given quest as quickly as possible to be ahead of the rest of the community.

  • Open the Eternal Heroes quest menu
  • Choose a task to complete from listed below
  • Start match & head towards finishing off mission
  • The task can be simpler like killing minions or as hard to kill the final boss
  • Claim reward in return on quest completion
  • Use these coins to unlock new heroes, upgradeability, and more

Eternal Heroes Codes

Eternal heroes Codes
Eternal heroes Codes

With each new Roblox game, Redeem codes are freely distributed to make the gamer remain intact with the game developer community while the user gains lots of free stuff every time they use these codes.

Eternal Heroes Codes are the same, allowing you to have a small number of coins, sometimes heroes and their skins. We will update this article with new codes as they keep on coming to help you out.


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