Stumble Guys Sharktanic Map: How to Win [Tricks]

Stumble Guys is best known to bring unimaginable maps that make qualifying tougher and harder after each round. To continue this legacy, a new map of Stumble Guys Sharktanic gets added to the game. Similar to the Titanic Ship theme based where the ship hits the big glacier and begins to ship and players aim to survive and avoid elimination.

Stumble Guys Sharktanic Map is considered one of the hardest maps as a fusion of the Bombardment map with a few others. Here is a guide on How to win the Sharktanic Map in Stumble Guys with the help of tips and tricks that will be playing a major role in boosting a player’s performance.

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Stumble Guys Sharktanic Map

How to play and win in Stumble Guys Sharktanic Map

How to win in Sharktanic Stumble Guys
How to win in Sharktanic Stumble Guys

Considering the structure of the map which is exactly replicating boat or ship. With each round, the player aims to avoid getting eliminated by jumping on wooden barrels and being extra cautious about an unexpected bomb explosion. To your surprise, Sharks have been added that attack from the water making it a Sharktanic titled map.

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When the player stays on the barrel for a longer time, the wooden barrel gradually sinks due to weight similar to the concept of the Honey Drop Map. Learn more about the features of these new maps and the best tricks that will lead stumblers to victory in most cases after several practice attempts to implement the guidance provided in this article.

Sharktanic Stumble Guys
Sharktanic Stumble Guys

As overall analysis suggests, Sharktanic in Stumble Guys would always be presented in the 2nd or Final round as it becomes uneasy to accommodate a total of 32 players in the first round. If that’s possible everyone would be getting Stumble Guys Free Skins the elimination of 8 stumblers is quite possible along with the withstanding of single winner Stumbles at the end of the game.

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Stumble Guys Sharktanic Tricks

Stumble Guys Sharktanic Tricks
Stumble Guys Sharktanic Tricks
  • Always stay in the middle of the Ship
  • Keep on jumping across the barrel before sinking
  • Keep an eye on the water to look out for Sharks
  • Move away from bombs that are thrown toward stumblers
  • Aim to survive until threshold users get eliminated
  • Use jumping and sliding actions more frequently to cover extra distance
  • Learn from mistakes by practicing Sharktanic frequently

Following these cool tricks and tips will make players more skillful through gaining repeated experience and new tactics, and Stumble Guys Free Skin Offer deals with situations that lead them to instant elimination.


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