Stumble Guys MrBeast Collabration coming soon

Stumble Guys has grabbed the attention of many gamers since its launch. Being the most downloaded game of the year and one of the best competitive games on mobile devices. The major reason includes frequent collaborations that grab the attention of new gamers. Now is time for Stumble Guys to expand its reach into consoles, pc and laptop.

Stumble Guy’s collaboration with MrBeast will be creating new content as well as characters and levels related to MrBeast introduced in the game. Being the most subscribed YT channel with millions of active fan followers, Stumble Guys X MrBeast sets the game on fire.

With the latest news, Stumble Guys Xbox edition is arriving. MrBeast aims to create content on Stumble Guys focusing to reveal true gaming experiences which would allow Scoopely to increase its audience to a higher extent.

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Stumble Guys MrBeast Collaboration coming soon

Stumble Guys MrBeast Update
Stumble Guys MrBeast Update

With a Stumble Guys Season update coming this summer, Players can enjoy epic levels consisting of MrBeast characters along with creative emotes, animation, footsteps, and skins. Collaboration seems to be a long partnership here MrBeast would be one of the content creators, next Stumble Guys map includes similar to MrBeast Warehouse seen in previous videos of him.


When is MrBeast Update coming in Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys MrBeast Update coming
Stumble Guys MrBeast Update coming

Upon knowing this news, every stumbler or gamer is curious to know when all the new features will be added to the game. Scopely hasn’t confirmed each and every minute detail but the next Collaboration would take around 1 month and a summer update might unleash Stumble Guys Event with MrBeast levels.

Not only Stumble Guys MrBeast Skin will be expected by the community but all of his friends might appear such as Karl and others. Each event and tournament would be focused on a Giveaway of lots of gems and tokens, that’s what MrBeast is known for. Know Stumble Guys Barbie Update before it gets over.

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