Stumble Guys Barbie Malibu Mayhem Event: How to Win & Claim Barbie Skin

Stumble Guys is making the audience go crazy by bringing new collaborations-related skins and events through new updates. Stumble Guys Barbie Update will be live very soon and there are 2 brand new events coming to the game. Not only tournaments but also Stumble Guys Barbarous Skins in Mythic, Special format.

Update: Claim Stumble Guys Skin for free

Recently collaboration with Barbie for the promotion of an upcoming Barbie Movie, Scopely brought a new map and a few characters & Stumble Guys on Xbox, and free Barbie Skins are distributed simultaneously through the Barbie Dream Dash map. Here is a complete guide on How to win Barbie Malibu Mayhem in Stumble Guys and claim those premium skins for free.

Stumble Guys Barbie Malibu Mayhem Event

Stumble Guys Barbie
Stumble Guys Barbie

With new updates, new skins as well as events hit the game worldwide. Barbie Malibu Mayhem will start on 13 July and last for at least weeks. This event brings 12 days of non-stop stumbling rounds in the new map. Players get a chance to experience rare skins.

Guide: Tricks to get Mythic Skin in Stumble Guys

Stumblers target to navigate through Barbie Dream Dash from the sandy shores obstructed with traps. The map includes various features of Special Skin taken from Barbie movies making players connect to Barbie characters.

How to Play Barbie Malibu Mayhem in Stumble Guys

How to play Barbie Event in Stuble Guys
How to play Barbie Event in Stuble Guys
  1. Navigate to the Stumble Guys Event section
  2. Choose Barbie Event from the active menu
  3. Click on Play to start rounds
  4. Play and Win 3 rounds to get rewards
  5. Rewards include Barbie Special Edition Skins

Along with this event, lots of new mini-games will be added in the Tournament section which mainly includes Nerf Battles. At the same time, Barbie Dream Challenge is live and contains 150 Stumble Guys Gems as rewards upon completing mission tasks.

Upon doing better performance in the event, Stumble Guys rewards with Barbie Tokens which helps to buy skin bundles from shops unlocking rare skins.


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