PK XD Monster Lab Update: Monster Lab Game & 7 Secret Boxes Locations

PK XD is one of the popular mobile games available for Android as well as iOS. Some users assume PK XD as a clone of Roblox but there are major differences that separate them entirely. The key difference is frequent updates brought in the PK XD game allowing players to enjoy fresh and new content.

Now is time for another new update which is coming soon with lots of mysteries. The new Lab Monster Mini-game will arrive which is a kind of horror mixed with fun elements. Time to give attention to Master Builders.

PK XD Monster Lab Update & Master Builders

PK XD Master Builders Update
PK XD Master Builders Update

PK XD Monster Lab Update is the newest update bringing new features such as the location of 7 secret boxes in the game. Rainbow Outfit is back again with a new red car as a vehicle. New Packs and gift boxes are waiting to be claimed.

  • Update: Monster Lab
  • Master Builders features unlocked Plem
  • Monster Lab Mini-game
  • Meteorite location available
  • New outfit: Rainbow Friends
  • 7 secret box location 

PK XD Monster Lab Mini Game

Players need to collect star books and place them in the storage room. It’s easy but Flint, a monster, hunts for one who tries to do so. Gamer needs to be safe from Flint. Flint is the scariest monster of PK XD and the only way to run away and hide in closets which helps us to hide.

Fighting or trying is not an option when a monster is as strong as him. Learn more tactics to speed up level completion.

PK XD Monster Lab Mini-game
PK XD Monster Lab Mini-game

There are a total of 7 secret books which are hidden in various secret places and need high attention to find. Once they are found, place them in their respective place and that’s how we complete the game. Teamwork is required and helps to progress faster.


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