How to get Roblox Rhythm Glove & Total Rhythm Badge in Slap Battles

Roblox has no limit to mini-games. Each mini-game consists of its own unique features that make them popular among the gamer community. Roblox Slap Battles is an excellent example of how a simple game can capture the attention of players. In this mode, gloves are important equipment with definite super ability making the game more exciting and competitive.

Some players struggle to get Rhythm Glove while few are busy finding solutions to claim Total Rhythm Badge. Here are simple steps that will help users get not only Rhythm Gloves but every other glove once instructions are followed correctly.

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Roblox Rhythm Gloves

Roblox Total Rhythm Badge
Roblox Total Rhythm Badge

The process is quite simple, Rhythm Glove in Roblox Slap Battles can be accessed via a badge that is earned through slapping at least a few players, giving +1 power for each unique slap-in. Dancing and slapping should be done in the proper manner to get this reward.

  • Power: 40-500
  • Speed: 11
  • Ability: Rhythm
  • Type: Passive

How to get Rhythm Gloves in Roblox

How to get rhythm golve
How to get a rhythm glove

There are some badges that are considered as toughest to get in slap battles. Considering the nature of Rhythm Gloves, the level ranges from moderate to hard to achieve the rare achievement of Roblox Total Rhythm Badge. Follow the below steps to quickly unlock for free and no need to spend Robux on unnecessary things.

  1. Open Slap Battles mini-game in Roblox
  2. Participate in online server battles
  3. Add or join a tournament with at least 10 players
  4. Slap 10 or more Roblox players to get a chance
  5. If you are lucky, Rhythm Gloves is unlocked
  6. Total Rhythm Badge is claimed in a similar manner

If you’re a beginner or have no friends, getting opera GX arsenal might be a little tricky or hard to accumulate a team of 14 players. The best way to do so is by connecting Roblox to FB or any social media accounts to invite friends and progress better in the game.

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