How to Get Cirque Sun Backpack in Roblox Cirque Du Soleil Tycoon?

In Roblox Cirque Du Soleil Tycoon, Sun Inspired Backpack is a non-tradable free UGC available from 19th July 2023 till 31st July 2023. In order to secure the Cirque Sun Inspired Backpack, players must assemble the Artist Tent.

Here is an easy guide to Roblox Cirque Du Soleil Tycoon to get Cirque Sun Inspired Backpack.


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Roblox Cirque Du Soleil Tycoon: How to Get Cirque Sun Backpack?

Sun Backpack in Cirque Du Soleil

Make sure to own about a million coins in Cirque Du Soleil Tycoon before proceeding to construct the Artist Tent. Hence it is advised to collect as many coins as possible before directing. If you don’t have the respected amount of coins, you can use Robux to buy them. However, buying coins with Robux doesn’t seem to be a good move.

To get started, follow the blue path to get to the desired location. It is the location where you will start building the tent. Get to the item spawned and buy it. Keep on buying each and everything which will summon the esteemed articles.


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On buying every object, you will be granted the Sun Inspired backpack badge.


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