How to Get Butterfly Wings in Roblox SHEIN x Klarna Wonderland?

SHEIN x Klarna Wonderland, developed by Shein x Klarna, is an ongoing Roblox event that was initially introduced in December 2022 and later became a permanent addition to the platform. With a staggering user base of over 10 million players, this game offers a captivating experience where users can explore new regions, engage in various activities, and unlock exclusive outfits.

One of the recent additions to the Shein x Klarna Wonderland UGC update is the Butterfly Fairy Wings, which can only be obtained from the Wheel of Fashion.

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Robxlo: How to Get Butterfly Fairy Wings?

Shein x Klarna Wonderland - Treasure Hunt

  • Item: Butterfly Fairy Wing
  • Tradable: No
  • Type: Back
  • Description: Unlock UGC by getting it from the Wheel of Fashion


Launch the game and a pop-up window will appear, providing details about the event. Click on “Let’s Go” to enter the event land.

Locate the Treasure Hunter and initiate the Treasure Hunt by selecting “Start Treasure Hunt.” A task will be assigned to the players.

Your objective is to collect all 8 packages that are scattered across various regions on the map. These packages hold the key to your reward.

Explore the different regions and diligently search for the packages. Once you have successfully collected all 8 packages, the Treasure Hunter will reward you with 100 Fashion Tokens. Utilize these Fashion Tokens to spin the Wheel of Fashion, which offers a chance to obtain the coveted Butterfly Fairy Wings.

It’s important to note that the acquisition of the wings primarily depends on luck, as there is only a 10% chance of obtaining them from the spin. Therefore, players may need to continue spinning the wheel until they are rewarded with the Wings, which will appear on their character’s back.

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