How to become QUINCY in Project Mugetsu (Roblox)

Roblox Project Mugetsu is an anime-based warrior game where players mostly enjoy killing other NPC, Hallows, rather than completing missions and walkthroughs. With the new update, Quincy has been added to the game and our protagonist has a chance to become Quincy by following instructions which are listed stepwise.

How to Become Quincy in Roblox Project Mugetsu

In order to get Quincy unlocked, the player has to perform various tasks from finding keys and killing villains to drinking blood at last to earn the title of Quincy’s character. Following are highlighted points that will help you become Quincy in the easiest possible way with sure success in each trial.

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How to become Quincy in Roblox
How to become Quincy in Roblox
  • Locate to the Hospital and make conversation with Fresh
  • Kill Red Soup Reapers to obtain the key needed
  • Use this key to open Room 9 and collect Book
  • Make another conversation with NPC and head towards the cave
  • Go to Heuco, talk to Tyrone
  • Kill Hallow monster and bring his mask
  • Go to Yhwach to drink the blood
  • Now, you have become Quincy

Project Mugetsu Quincy Guide

A separate community of players available is known for their spiritual powers. Right from the start, Quincies has a valuable spot in this game. With recent updates, it is now possible to be one of them y doing simple tasks mentioned in the above list items.

Step 1

On aim to get Quincy, our protagonist head towards the hospital in the darkness. You need to head directly to one of the lonely characters sitting near the trees away from the walls of the hospital. Talking keeps making good conversation into many hints that lead us to our goal.

Step 2

We get the idea that one of the nearby soul reapers has a secret key that leads us to a magical book unrevealing the mysteries of a cave monster lying in our vast journey. If a player doesn’t get the key upon killing him, try searching for others in the same spot.

Step 3

Now once the key is found, you need to locate the secret chamber where the book is preserved. As a guide, we tend to let you find the room number yourself while the direct result leads us to Room No. 9 in the hospital itself.

Step 4

Read the book carefully and hints point out to another NPC which would finally make sure we become Quincy by following this theory concept. The most likely cave is suggested where Boss Monster is waiting for us.

Step 5

After talks, it’s time to fight. Fight with a strong and equally powerful Hallow Monster, his mask is required to complete the rest of the process. Once defeated, take out his mask and carry it toward Yhwach.

Step 6

This is the final destination where blood combined with mask turns us from normal players to superior Quincy. Drink the blood and within a fraction of seconds, we evolve into Quincy skin. The journey has been hard but with help of our guide, it might not feel that hard but somewhat easy.


These instructions say pretty much about actions to be taken to unlock Quincy. Quincy is cool-looking skin while Roblox Arsenal Opera Skins are worthy to collect in the same sense. Apart from skins, new badges ultimately lead to a collection of Robux in an epic way.

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At last, when the walkthrough is made, players will be able to see themselves become Quincy, and its characteristics and skin is equipped to make you Invisible in Roblox which says a lot about the achievement one has made throughout his Project Mugetsu journey.

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