Fall Guys Season 4 Fame Pass 3: All Character Costumes & Skins

Fall Guys: Creative Constructions bring all new skins for free as well as through premium passes. A crazy feature added to the game is Fame Pass 3 which includes a total of 40 rewards and a tier list. Not only tokens or coins but new fall guys costumes are available to purchase through Season 4 Pass. Use this as an opportunity to collect most of the fall guys’ skin before they slip off your hands.

Season: Fall Guys Season 3

Fall Guys Season 4 Game Pass 3

Fall Guys Fame Pass 3
Fall Guys Fame Pass 3

Players enjoyed the previous pass and now will be heading towards the new pass. Fame Pass 3 costs 600 show-bucks or directly purchased from the shop. Having over 100 tiles, it’s a challenge for inconsistent players to claim all the costumes and show off them to friends. Here is a list of all Fame Pass 3 custom skins in the fall guys.


Fame Pass 3: All Character Costumes & Skins

  • Charming Capybara
  • Chest Thumpers
  • Sam Porter Bridges
  • Dino Tail
  • Cow Juice
  • Cosy Croc
  • Zip It
  • Spike
  • Beebot
  • Strawberry Smoothie
  • Cuddly Caiman
  • Cyberwasp
  • Cute Capybara

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Fall Guys Fame Pass 3 ALl Costumes & Skins
Fall Guys Fame Pass 3 All Costumes & Skins

These are costumes listed above and the rest of the other tiles are filled with emotes, faceplates, show-bucks, kudos, and many more. There is an easy way to skip all the tiles requiring crowns by buying a pack that includes +10 or +20 tiles skip. Helping players who can’t complete Pass in a limited time or are greedy to take shortcuts to claim all the rewards.


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