Crypto Miner Tycoon: How to play & Mine Free Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

Crypto Miner Tycoon is top grossing RPG Idle game developed by MTAG Publishing LTD. Based on the cryptocurrency model, this game allows players to own virtual coins & NFTs and transactions giving them the feel of a millionaire. If you have never played RPG games before Here is a detailed guide on How to play Crypto Miner Tycoon and earn crypto coins by hiring more managers.

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Crypto Miner Tycoon Guide

Crypto Miner Tycoon Guide
Crypto Miner Tycoon Guide

Lots of Tycoon games are famous and loved by users. Legendary Master Idle, Idle Miner, Hotel Empire, Idle Lumber, and others are fun to play and teach the value of finance in a playful way. To extend this culture of playing with virtual cash, the Crypto Miner Tycoon game is brought on a mission to increase the portfolio with multiple coins to be the richest person on the planet.

  • Mine Cryptocurrencies and Own them
  • Hire managers and make them work for you
  • Mine BTC, ETH, Dogecoin and NFTs
  • Level up mines for better production
  • Aim for the richest person in the game

How to play Crypto Miner Tycoon

How to play Crypto Miner Tycoon
How to play Crypto Miner Tycoon

Similar to other tycoon games, collecting resources and expanding the empire is the primary goal. In this context, players need to mine Bitcoin, and Ethereum and store in a Crypto wallet. Farm Mining option is available leaving more advanced tools to generate infinite coins.

It is recommended to Magic Stone Knight play for a few hours which eventually makes you comfortable with the game.


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