Clash Mini released in United Kingdom: Download for iOS & Android

Clash Mini is now live in the United Kingdom for iOS as well as Android. With this step, Clash Mini seems to be growing its country audience and hints at global release in the upcoming time. Here is a guide on How to download Clash Mini on iOS & Android in the United Kingdom.

Clash Mini released in the United Kingdom

With the latest features of Clash Mini Update 7, it brought new additions to the game including new tiles, a replay of battles, new events, two new heroes, and 1 new mini. This wasn’t the special surprise everyone expected, Clash Mini released for the UK is unexpectedly leading to more fun in the future.

Follow the below steps to download Clash Mini from Play Store and App Store to enjoy the game.

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How to Download Clash Mini on Android

How to download Clash Mini Android for United Kingdom
How to download Clash Mini Android
  1. Open Play Store
  2. Search for Clash Mini by Supercell
  3. Tap on the Install button to download
  4. Open the game and enjoy playing
  5. Connect to supercell ID to save progress

These are steps that will lead to successfully installing Clash Mini on the Play Store. All Android users belonging to the United Kingdom / UK are now free to play without waiting further.

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How to Download Clash Mini on iOS

How to download Clash Mini iOS
How to download Clash Mini iOS

If you’re an iPhone user, it’s your chance to get the addictive supercell game of Clash Mini. There is not much difference in procedure to get the game but instructions are listed below.

  1. Open Appstore on iPhone
  2. Browse Supercell Clash Mini
  3. Click on Get Game button
  4. Install securely and start playing

Clash Mini was previously released for iOS and Android users in Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. With this great news, the United Kingdom aka England gets added to this list. The fan base is expected to increase at a massive rate.


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