BEST Dark Elixir Challenge Deck in Clash Royale [Dark Elixir deck]

Clash Royale brings Evolution Origins as the new season for July 2023. Initially declared as Dark Elixir but got renamed at the last moment revealing the powerful history of the Evolution of various Clash Royale cards. The whole month will be having various challenges and events coming, and Flying Gobos is the first event taking place. Here are some of the Dark Elixir Challenge decks that lead to victory in most cases in the battles.

Dark Elixir includes the evolution of Mortar cards that have increased with strength to a great extent. Here are some of the best Dark Elixir decks that every gamer should include in their list if they aim to hunt for Evolution Shards to progress further. When it comes to real battles, Dark Elixir Challenge is coming in a pretty mysterious manner where players have no idea about which deck to select.

Dark Elixir Deck

best Flying Gobo's deck
best Flying Gobo’s deck

A mortar is categorized as a building unit that throws massive stones toward enemy towers. It has certain limitations such as stationary location and slow attacking speed. While goblins are attacking units equipped with spears. Clash Royale Decks has combined both abilities together to form Mortar Evolution which contains goblins instead of stone throws which cause major damage to towers including minor attacks from Goblin itself.

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Best Dark Elixir Deck

We have already provided decks for the previous season which turns out to be the most helpful things for learning players. The Barbarous Barbarians deck allowed players to understand the mechanism of new cards and how they should be used in an effective manner to trick opponents into defeat. Use each spot in the deck wisely as elixir cost and card value should be maintained while making food selections.


Flying Gobos Deck in Clash Royale
Flying Gobos Deck in Clash Royale
  • Evolved Mortal
  • Elixir Golem
  • Log
  • Ice Spell
  • Skeletons
  • Barbs
  • Super Archers
  • Earthquake Spell

Dark Elixir Challenge

best Dark Elixir challenge deck
best Dark Elixir challenge deck

Flying Gobos Challenge and Dark Elixir Challenge are taking place simultaneously. Players are confused about which events and challenges to concentrate on and have maximum benefit from it. To master each level, Dark Elixir Challenge Deck is required allowing players to battle like a professional one.

We have crafted a deck that is overall stable and meant to be used by winners in order to get tokens, and other valuable items from the rewards.

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Best Dark Elixir Challenge Deck

From the challenge itself, it is summarized Dark Elixir cards have more eyes and higher expectations from their side. From the statistics, Clash Royale users tend to avoid dark elixir troops due to High cost or preference for normal decks but still, at this point, players should try to include plenty of dark troops.

Compare the following deck with your one to understand what changes should be made to it even. More fierce or simply copy out the deck into the arena.


top dark elixir challenge deck clash royale
top dark elixir challenge deck clash royale
  • Goblins
  • Party Hut
  • X-Bow
  • Cannon Cart
  • Tornado
  • Prince
  • Ice Spirit
  • Inferno Tower

Upcoming Events and Challenges in Evolution Origins Season


  • Flying Gobos
  • Flying Gobo’s Challenge
  • Dark Elixir Challenge
  • Super Witch Challenge
  • 7x Elixir Challenge
  • Evolution Draft Challenge

This event focuses on Dark Elixir troops such as Witch. Witch is getting evolved into Super Witch bringing enormous skills to her. Gameplay and more information will be available soon in the future but hope this troop too doesn’t get buffed in Clash Royale Balance changes. Which has a long history of getting patch notes and changes due to its flaws or certainly called unique powers that outsmart other cards.

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