War Thunder La Royale Update Details

War Thunder releases its most awaited major update of La Royale. Adding over 40+ tanks to the game, the French navy, a few new battlegrounds, and graphics improved. Players can now enjoy the War Thunder game over the summer having no content left to discover within the game for at least the upcoming few months. Here is detailed information about this new update of La Royale.

War Thunder La Royale Update

War Thunder La Royale
War Thunder La Royale

War Thunder has updated the game with La Royale on the release date of June 14 onwards and players will be able to enjoy an exclusive gaming experience from then on. Before the release of this update, it ran into the closed beta for French naval forces that gave the opportunity for users to explore a total of 50 new ships of which 14 were categorized into the French Navy. Fighter Jets will be worth watching taking off enemies.

Update includes

  • Mighty F-14B
  • Sukhoi Jet
  • WY – Vijayanta
  • M1 KVT Tank
  • 2 new locations
  • 1 new weapon

New mechanics Added to War Thunder

Update has focused on making attacks and movements more precise than attempting to resemble reality in most cases. For these purposes, fortification mechanics were improved, focusing on the fields of effects on missiles, guns, rockets, and naval maps. Aviation, Ground Vehicles, Helicopters, and Naval fleets are influenced from many perspectives.

New missions and locations introduced

With new locations, new sets of missions are formed making players go crazy to beat those war thunder challenges. One of those locations includes combined battle formation tasks in Iberian Castle whereas naval battles take place in Franz Josef Land. Hope players enjoy every minute change in the game.


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