Temple Run: Idle Explorers Beginners Guide & Tips and Tricks

Template Run: Idle Explorers is the newest game developed by Imangi Studios, creator of popular games like Temple Run and Temple Run 2. Similar to them, this one is an endless running game but instead of a single character, the whole gang makes their way to get rid of Demon Monkeys

Here is the Complete Beginners’ Guide on How to Play Temple Run: Idle Explorers and master it with valuable tips and tricks provided at the end of the article.

Everything from characters to maps is listed below.

Temple Run: Idle Explorers Guide

Temple Run new game
Temple Run new game

How to Play Temple Run: Idle Explorers

If you have played Temple Run games before, players will be familiar with swipe left and right features which is the most playable games. Mobile alignment is necessary too during unsteady roads.

This game can be played with family and friends to find quests around the world.

How to Download Temple Run: Idle Explorers on Android

  1. Open Playstore
  2. Search for Temple Run: Idle Explorers
  3. The first game appears under Imangi Studios
  4. Click on Install and Download

Players can download the game through the usual process and need no extra guidance.

How to Download Temple Run: Idle Explorers on iOS

  1. Open Appstore
  2. Under games, search for the game
  3. Tap on Temple Run: Idle Explorers
  4. Download and Install to enjoy

Players might not get the download count on iPhone but the game is ready to play upon downloading.

Temple Run: Idle Explorers Characters

Character list
Character list
  • Guy Dangerous
  • Scarlett Fox
  • Barry Bones
  • Bolt

Each of the characters has a unique ability and power which helps the entire squad to sustain for a longer duration.

Teamwork makes impossible runs possible through difficult times.


  • Play with the whole Squad
  • Graphics and User Experience enhanced
  • Run challenges and Dungeons available
  • Solve quests and puzzles
  • Enjoy the new Temple Run game!

Template Run: Idle Explorers Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks
Tips and Tricks
  1. Level up each character quickly
  2. Use special powers when needed
  3. Repeatedly play for understanding obstacles
  4. Grab weekly events for coins
  5. Complete run challenges and quests
  6. Connect to Play Games to save progress
  7. Save gems for future needs


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