Paper Bride 4 Bound Love Mobile Guide

Paper Bride 4 Bound Love is a Chinese cultured-based puzzle game developed by Heartbeat Plus as the fourth game in the series of Paper Bride. Help the beautiful girl to find the perfect husband to sustain a happy marriage, the game goes through several ups and downturns through the gameplay.

If your know and heard about this game, here is Paper Bride 4 Bound Love Mobile Guide which will make readers suitable to start a long journey exploring the virtual world with real-life experiences.

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Paper Bride 4 Bound Love Guide

Paper Bride 4 Bound Love guide
Paper Bride 4 Bound Love guide

How to Play Paper Bride 4 Bound Love on Android & iOS

Every game in this series consists of a slightly different style, in which the player needs to uncover How to hidden secrets of Yichang Town which is believed to be haunted and surrounded by supernatural spirits. Each location has a mystery-filled puzzle and clues spread in nearby surrounding.

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Cui Wanying and Zhang Chenrui are major characters of the game with minds similar to detectives busting every myth. Most of them are based on folk traditions that were followed in past Chinese history.

Downloadable Content:

The game is compatible with most devices including low end having versions higher than 5.0. The size of the game is approximately 142MB along with a few download contents needed to run the program inside the game. The overall size of the game is smaller compared to its graphics and gameplay.

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How to play Paper Bride 4 Bound Love
How to play Paper Bride 4 Bound Love
  • Chinese Puzzle Game
  • 4th game added to Paper Bride Series
  • Solve mysteries using logic
  • Limited Hints provide as external help
  • Imitation of folk tradition

System Requirements


Paper Bride 4 Bound Tips and Tricks
Paper Bride 4 Bound Tips and Tricks

There are many new features that player experiences and challenges into working harder. Some of the unlockable elements include new paper puppets, metaphysics, folk tradition, the availability of new monsters, and heartbeat upgrades.

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Tips and Tricks:

  1. Use hints wisely, they are limited
  2. Have a clear look at the surrounding before solving puzzles
  3. Be ready to fight with monsters at any time
  4. Save coins for future needs
  5. Take an idea from previous Paper Bride Games

In conclusion

This is a great game for Paper Fans, similar to last paper bride games this one too sticks to the mainstream theme but tried new additions that have made it even better which was seen through positive reviews of people.


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