Magic Stone Knights Guide: Tier List, Tips and Tricks [BEST]

Magic Stone Knights is RPG elemental-based Match 3 Puzzle game developed by Neowiz. Gameplay proceeds upon solving puzzles similar to SSSnaker. Instead of candies, each box is occupied with Super Powers of respective heroes. Enemy Bosses can be easily defeated using Guide formation by the Hero team.

Magic Stone Knights
Magic Stone Knights

Here is the complete Magic Stone Knights Guide explaining essential and important details needed to play and enhance the Walkthrough of the game. At last, includes Tips and Tricks along with a Tier List depicting stands of Heroes based on their strengths and weakness.

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Magic Stone Knights Guide

Magic Stone Knight guide

How to Play Magic Stone Knights on iOS & Android

Upon downloading the game, the trainer is ready to teach the player with basics of the game. The tutorial includes the formation of the squad, the popping of puzzles to using heroes to claim victory. There are various heroes and each one possesses a unique ability that helps them withstand fierce and evil enemies.

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Tier List:

  • Class S heroes:
  • Lulu
  • Eldora
  • Venaka
  • Edwin
  • Floria
  • Ron
  • Bathory

Among all the guild sets, these are most efficient during battle and are proven to have successfully higher win rates. Not only do guild wars matter but the placement of each unit and type is essential to form the best team.

Magic Stone Knights Tier List
Magic Stone Knights Tier List


  • Match 3 Puzzle Game
  • RPG Game Based
  • Extensive Graphics
  • Vast Walkthrough and Gameplay
  • Hero Collection
  • Guild System for Heroes, War, and Bosses
  • Arena & PvP battles

Magic Stone Knights Tips and Tricks

Magic Stone Knight Tips and Tricks
Magic Stone Knight Tips and Tricks

The game is highly focused on puzzle-solving skills which in return adds power to existing units on the battlefield while monsters remain steady. Good knowledge of maps, leagues, and events to help in achieving the desired mission.

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  1. Follow the below tips to enrich gameplay and get rid of the struggles you are facing right now.
  2. Quickly solve match 3 Puzzles
    Look for 3 gems for quick action
  3. Form the perfect guild for battles
  4. Participate in Advent, Expedition, and Guild raids for extra coins
  5. Save resources for unlocking the best of the best knights
  6. Enjoy playing simultaneously as well

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