IGG 17th Anniversery Merchendise Sale: How to Buy products at 50% Off

IGG turns 17th and on this occasion, the merchandise sale is available to claim up to 50% off on selected products in the store. Termed as Thanksgiving Sale, players have a chance to redeem rewards quickly.

The sale will last from June 2 to June 8. With every purchase, free gifts along with the IGG custom drawstring bag will be granted.

IGG 17th Anniversary

IGG Merchandise Sale

IGG 17th Anniversary
IGG 17th Anniversary

IGG has not only created popular mobile games such as Lords Mobile but has also made its products available, ensuring no true gamer is left out. From Keyboards to mattresses and Flask to cute dolls, everything is available in the shop

How to buy products from IGG Shop?

How to buy IGG merchendise
How to buy IGG merchandise
  1. Visit the official website of IGG
  2. Open the Shop menu or visit shop.igg.com
  3. Login using your current IGG id
  4. Select products to buy
  5. Make payment and necessary dropping information
  6. Enjoy your stuff

Few products of Merchandise on Sale

  • Lords Mobile × Thermos Flask
  • Mystic Heroes × Cherry Mechanical Keyboard
  • Mystic Heroes NUWA House Mat
  • Castle Clash Cosplaying Cute Kitsune

Best Seller IGG products

Best IGG merchendise products
Best IGG merchendise products
  • Lords Mobile Luxury Playing Cards
  • Lords Mobile Tongfishu Brass Figures
  • Lords Mobile Ethereal Guide Figure
  • Time Princess × Museum Gift Box


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