Goblin Queen Challenge: How to 3 Star + Tips [Guide]

COC June Season paints the color green everywhere from scenery to hero skins. Goblin Season involves a series of challenges and events that will be happening the whole month. First of all is the Goblin Queen Challenge where players need a 3-star base to claim exclusive rewards.

Players get the chance to try out the new Archer Queen’s Goblin Queen Skin and view the Goblin Scenery in this June 2023 season. When similar challenges come forth, players always struggle to 3 stars as this base doesn’t follow the order of normal based and contains tricks and manipulative traps.

So GamerStones is ready to help you out with the How to Beat Goblin Queen Challenge with tips and tricks.

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Goblin Queen Challenge

Goblin Queen Skin
Goblin Queen Skin

Goblin Queen Challenge is mainly designed in such a way that Archer Queen leads and motivates the whole army to destroy a fully safeguarded base. Besides the army, players are shocked to see building counts of certain defensive units that are excessive and therefore become hard to defeat the enemy.

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Tips and Tricks for Goblin Queen Challenge

COC Goblin Queen
COC Goblin Queen
  • Taking out defenses with minimum troops remains a top priority to get 3 stars.
  • Players should examine the base and prepare a strategy and should not spam the army as there are unlimited attempts to try.
  • One can refer to our guide which works all the time in providing victory when followed correctly
  • Timing of deploying troops and spell matters as it helps to recover strength and avoid traps that affect little bits.
  • Making sure Archer Queen last longer than most of the troops gives the extra benefit of high damage to the enemy.

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