COC Super Hog Rider Attack Strategy for TH13, TH14, TH15

Clash Of Clans has become a more and more strategic game upon the addition of Builder Base and now OTTOs Outpost. The number of troops may have been limited but abilities to 3-star bases have not changed. Not just new updates but Super Troops are making their way to the game too. COC introduces Super Hog Rider who is an extremely powerful, speedy, and more trustworthy troop-evolved form of Hog Rider.

Here is complete information about Clash of Clans Super Hog Rider along with the Best Attack Strategy to make every move lead toward victory. House spacing of the new troop is way higher than Hog Rider which has made it more powerful of course.

Super Hog Rider Attack Strategy

Whenever new troops are brought to the game, most players have no basic idea about its gameplay uses. Hence a better way to learn things is by experiencing the Super Hog Rider Attack Strategy on each level of the town hall.

About Super Hog Rider

Super hog rider attack strategy
Super hog rider attack strategy
  • Housing Space: 12
  • Training Time: 1:48 seconds
  • Damage type: single units
  • Target: Defenses
  • Available for: TH13, TH14, TH15

Super Hog Rider Attack Strategy TH15

Town Hall 15 is currently the max town hall having max out everything from buildings to walls. At this stage, the troop has an HP of 1700 and Damage per second of 230 at max level. Walls have 2x more damage and hence the group army can be easily supported by Super Hog and Super Rider.

Super Hog Rider Attack Strategy TH14

Whenever Super Hog Rider runs off health, due to its special ability, it disintegrates into different forms. Town Hall 14 attack strategy is quite competitive and hence the same strategy with minor changes can lead to the same state of army composition that works fine for TH14.

Super Hog Rider Attack Strategy TH13

Town Hall 13 is the stage where players are able to transform normal Hog Rider to super Hog Rider. As usual, it costs 25,000 dark elixirs to unlock this capacity, and works fine for several days. Taking a limited but effective number is a great idea to take into war.

Tips and Tricks

Fact Check: Does COC has redeem codes? (answer = NO)

Taking help from COC content creators to look out for war attacks that consist of the best th11 strategy and idea to tackle defenses to save up heroes and spell till the last count. Later more tips can be made available upon their release into the game.


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