COC June Update: Builder Star Jar & Pet Potion (New)

Just After the Builder Base 2.0, COC plans to bring New levels to Heroes, Troops, and Defences. Additionally, Two new magic items are introduced – Builder Star Jar and Pet Potion. Here is complete information about levels that have to strengthen not only heavy defenses like Eagle Artillery or X-bow but a few traps that players don’t take into consideration. Below are a few sneak peeks of Clash of Clans’ June 2023 Update.

Clash of Clans June Update

Builder Star Jar

COC Builder Star Jar Potion
COC Builder Star Jar Potion

It has been a few weeks since Otto’s Outpost Base came into existence. Everything has been changed, players can now form an attack strategy whenever they want and collect their elixir cart for defense performance while gold coins for attacking. Each star contributes to a Star Bonus that consists of bags of resources needed to upgrade towards builder Hall 10.

When plenty of stars are collected, Star Bonus is claimed and cooldown time is set in which the player doesn’t get rewarded for any attacks. To overcome this challenge and to manage time as per players’ ease, Builder Star Jar is introduced that skips cooldown time for star bonus thereby helping to progress faster in the new Village.

Pet Potion

COC Pet Potion
COC Pet Potion

There are 5 new levels added to pets as well and now the max level stands at Level 15. This is the time to upgrade Pets at a rapid rate. COC brings Pet Potion that speeds up Pet House 24x hours into a 1-hour duration. Everything is similar to Research Potion but now available for Pets.

Currently, Goblin Season is now live, and time to explore new challenges, and here is Goblin Queen Challenge which players should learn to 3 stars to improve their attacking style in a greater way.


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