Chrome Valley Customs Guide: Level Cheats,Tips & Tricks

Chrome Valley Customs is a new game developed by Space Ape, a company funded and backed by Supercell. Unlike battle royale, this game is based on automobiles where players own Car Garage that turns old and slow cards into brand-new, fast-furious cars. Currently, the game is under pre-registration and available to install automatically upon getting a release date.

Here is Chrome Valley Customs guide on how to play along with the best tips and tricks that will be making the game a little bit easier.

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Chrome Valley Customs

Chrome Valley Customs Guide
 Chrome Valley Customs Guide

How to Play Chrome Valley Customs on Android & iOS

The game is developed for Android as well as iOS and it’s gameplay is pretty simple to understand. The player is a member of the garage team and works from designing cars to selling consisting of many levels of modification. The ultimate goal is to become Master Mechanic.

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How to Download Chrome Valley Customs on Android and iOS

 how to download Chrome Valley Customs
Chrome Valley Customs Cheats
  1. Open Playstore / Appstore
  2. Search for Chrome Valley Customs
  3. Listed by Space Apes company
  4. Click on Pre-registration for now
  5. Game installs when available worldwide

Chrome Valley Cheats

Best Chrome Valley Customs have limited but useful redeem codes that allow players to claim a few exotic deals and gifts which are worth it. In order to unlock, the user requires Cheat Codes which are similar to redeem codes allowing them to pass the specific levels, and complete hard levels via this mechanism.

We will be updating cheats every time a new one appears helping viewers pass levels in no time.

How to complete levels in Chrome Valley Customs

Every upcoming level in the game is harder than the previous one. It’s better to follow the roadmap provided below revealing tricks to use when stuck at specific levels or use codes to jump next level. It is always recommended to give our best before skipping.

  • Match automobile parts of the same kind
  • Use powerups during tricky situations
  • Log in every day to claim offers and rewards
  • Use cheats only when needed
  • Redeem codes can help complete levels easily
  • Try solving more puzzles

These valuable techniques will help you complete the whole walkthrough of the game and make you the biggest champions in the global ranking.

Chrome Valley Customs Features

 how to play Chrome Valley Customs
Chrome Valley Customs Redeem Codes
  • Choose Modern/Old makeovers for Vintage Sports cars etc
  • Relax with the garage crew
  • Solve car-related puzzles and mini-games
  • Lastly, Race your car for the top position

Chrome Valley Customs Unlockables

  • Restore
  • Customise Guides
  • Repair
  • Paint
  • Buy and Sell Cars

Best Car in Chrome Valley Customs

The game contains unlocking car parts through a match-up of its available parts. With each stage, the car has a certain percentage of the portion to be ready. This is how players unlock new cars and the only way to boost is to complete levels in lesser time.

Through some experience, we can assume the car claimed by playing the hardest level is the most valuable and rarest of all. This car is expensive but face of your vast garage. One can pick their liking but the best cars would be ones that are unlocked at the end of the game walkthrough.

Chrome Valley Customs Space Ape
Chrome Valley Customs

Chrome Valley Customs Tips and Tricks

  1. Frequently sell cars for profit
  2. Perform well in race for higher rewards
  3. Play Garage Puzzles for new equipment
  4. Save the garage from debt
  5. Try to restore more vintage cars for coins
  6. Use Low costing paints, and tools to progress better

Trusting the process more than replying to a few tips is a bad idea. But once consistent gameplay matches with tricks that need to have thrust to skyrocket then it’s perfectly fine. In this case, the above tips will help to complete all levels from 1 to 100 and from 100 to 1000 in the future.

How to complete hard levels in Chrome Valley Customs

At the initial stages, no level is hard but as we proceed further, some players find difficulty in completing the level after trying for hours. For those, it’s perfectly normal to have stuck at a specific part of the game mode but giving up the game is a bad idea to have.

The best advice is to look for an optimum solution by analyzing mistakes that as executed in most of the matches that led to failure. At this point, don’t hesitate to take external help as Youtube or our guide will be extremely helpful in this scenario.

  1. Try completing each level without power-ups
  2. Find shortcuts to match and form boosters
  3. Use power-ups when needed or save for later
  4. Look for the YT level completion tutorial if stuck
  5. Be active to get rewarded with abundant coins and cars


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