Blackpink The Game Guide: How to Play, Tips & Tricks

Blackpink The Game is the first ever game based on world-famous Pop Stars Blackpink developed by TakeOnde Company. The ultimate aim is to make Blackpink as greatest among its competitors by exploring various game features like puzzle solving, managing training departments, and many more.

Here is Blackpink The Game Guide which is pretty helpful for beginners who wants to know How to play it. At last, tips and tricks are ready to make those singers global stars.

Blackpink The Game Guide

How to play Blackpink the game?

Blackpink the game guide
Blackpink the game guide

The player is basically the producer of the Blackpink team and helps them build their brand along with all the necessary management. To make it more exciting, Minigames, new outfits, puzzles, and avatars are added.

In the beginning, the small building needs to be filled with a different compartment that focuses on dancing, singing, office, and everything in one place.

Blackpink The Game Gameplay:

Blackpink the game Jisoo
Blackpink the game Jisoo

There are 4 lead characters that are cartoon-sized cute dolls that resemble real-life Blackpink crew. The gameplay includes a tutorial provided by Terry. True fans will surely go crazy after this game. Gameplay looks attractive at every stage player experiences new stuff.

Blackpink The Game System Requirements

Blackpink the game Jennie
Blackpink the game Jennie

Blackpink the game runs on all devices having Android 7 or higher 7. The current era consists of Android 12 and 13 which is far better than required to run properly. Being a 95MB game, it becomes easy for low RAM devices to run smoothly.

Blackpink The Game Downloadable Contents

Blackpink the game Rose
Blackpink the game Rose

The initial size is just 95mb while extra content is needed to play the game. The size of the download content is approximately 750 MB which seems a little higher to download via existing limited mobile data.

Blackpink The Game Characters

  • Lisa
  • Jisoo
  • Jennie
  • Rose

Tips and Tricks

Blackpink the game Lisa
Blackpink the game Lisa
  1. Being a producer of Blackpink, the main motive is to expand the studio for the open world
  2. Level up essential rooms to progress quickly
  3. Save coins and gems to claim exciting offers and deals
  4. Share with friends for benefits and feel socially connected
  5. Solve mini-games and puzzles on a daily basis


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