BEST Triple Threat Deck & Royal Giant Evolution Challenge Deck

Clash Royale has once again surprised gamers with an update of the year, it’s Card Evolution Update that will be changing decks of players from now onwards. One slot of the card deck will be permanently replaced by Clash Royale EV cards. Now is time for the Royal Giant Evolution Challenge which comes after the Rage and Fire event. Check Below:

The challenge lasts from 26-29 June. It comes under the Triple Threat Event lasting for the same period.

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Here is complete information about Best Deck for Royal Giant Evolution Challenge that is necessary as Evolution Cards are pretty new concepts and need special training and experience to master.

Royal Giant Evolution Challenge
Royal Giant Evolution Challenge

While decks provided in the list help users to test their prior knowledge as well as usage of Shards in the Triple Threat deck.

Triple Threat Deck

Firecracker, Barbarians, and now Royal Giant, teaming up 3 strongest cards make Best Deck for Triple Threat the best-preferred combination which can easily defeat heroes and extremely powerful troops.

evolution card deck (Credit: TheClashify)
evolution card deck

It was harder for players to create card combinations for the single Evolved Firecracker or Evolved Barbarian, this event consisted of the combined power of all Evolved cards.

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Best Triple Threat Deck

Do check out the previous Clash Royale Deck that comprises extremely detailed analysis and strategies you must master to become a pro player. Below are a few listed.

Royal Giant Evolution Challenge Deck

Barbarous Barbarians was a major and successful event that took place introducing Evolution Cards for the first time. Attacking Strategies are greatly affected while YouTubers are busy finding ways to create a Deck that smashes enemies in a ruthless way.

We already have discussed the ability of the Royal Giant in its evolved form which outsmarts everyone as of the present situation.

If you have questions about the Best Royal Giant Evolution Challenge Deck can always lead me to victory? The short answer is yes if the player loves to give their best in each match.

Best Royal Giant Challenge Deck

new event deck , credit(theClashify)
new event deck

Some of the newbie launch attacks that make no sense and eventually lose hope in the middle of matches which is the biggest failure and success in Clash Royale.

What’s Next in Clash Royale

Currently, players are busy collecting Shards to unlock Evolution Cards while few take shortcuts via purchasing bonuses and value offers from stores. Once progress is made, tactics and winning strikes will matter more than simply farming for gold and gems.

Events, Challenges, And Tournaments are the most contributing source of rewards.

Upcoming June Events and Challenges in Clash Royale

Clash Royale Update
Clash Royale Update
  • Barbarous Barbarians (Ended)
  • Barbarians Evolution Challenge (Ended)
  • Rage and Fire Event (Ended)
  • Firecracker Evolution Challenge (Ended)
  • Triple Threat Event (Live)
  • Royal Giant Evolution Challenge (Live)
  • Evolutions Free-to-All Deck (upcoming)
  • Skeletons Evolution Challenge (upcoming)


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