BEST Rock Barbarian Deck in Clash Royale (TOP)

Clash Royale cards are on their way to evolve, June Season of Card Evolution brings mystic powers to Barbarian followed by Larry the Skeleton. To this season, Rock Barbarian Event takes place in which rage powers are poured on troops.

Here is a list of Rock Barbarian Deck that players will be needing for Clash Royale games and specifically new challenges. Each card deck is proven and can be easily taken into battle without trying with friends or family.

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Rock Barbarian Deck

Clash Royale Rock Barbarian
Clash Royale Rock Barbarian

Rock Barbarian is a super cool form of the barbarian who has a long beard and metal guitar and infuses nearby cards with rage activity. Strength and attacking are significantly increased in this mode.

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Best Rock Barbarian Deck:

  • Skeleton Barrel
  • Heal Spirit
  • Goblin Barrel
  • Giants
  • Rage
  • Barbarian Barrel
  • Coins
  • Minion Horde
Best Rock Barbarian Deck
Best Rock Barbarian Deck

Being the best deck-builder game, Cards of Clash Royale are extremely powerful, and certain combinations of cards are required to take them down strategically. Planning and executing are key concepts every player should work on to develop a winning mindset during battles.

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Best Deck for Rock Barbarian:

  • Ice Spirit
  • Skeleton Dragons
  • Ice Golem
  • Goblin Gaint
  • Night Witch
  • Hog Rider
  • Prince
  • Guards
Best Deck for Rock Barbarian Deck
Best Deck for Rock Barbarian Deck

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These are some of the top decks which work perfectly fine during live matches. Players can have a chance to substitute a few cards based on their attacking style and plan accordingly. Be ready for Level 15 cards in the June season.

Top Deck:

  • Baby Dragon
  • Party Hut
  • Archer Queen
  • Arrows
  • Royal Ghost
  • Miner
  • Minions
  • Goblins

Each card that walks through the middle bridge is struck with guitar lightning which causes rage mode to activate. So using slow cards but highly damaging to the opponent will significantly increase power and the game towards our side. Following are some tips to master upon.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Do not consider rage in the deck
  2. Can use low-speed cards
  3. Rock Barbarian rages everyone
  4. Destroy one tower before sudden death
  5. Always have a spell as a secondary tactic
  6. use area splash cards wisely
  7. Do not deploy troops for the sake of elixir
  8. keep practicing for better results


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