AoE IV: Golden Heights, Migration & Volcanic Island (New Maps)

Age of Empires IV: Definitive Edition brings Season 5 with multiple major updates. Map Monsters includes Summer Party Edition consisting of Summer Party Event. Good news for everyone as 3 news maps for added – Golden Heights, Migration & Volcanic Island and voice chat featured enabled. Don’t lag behind in trying Empire Wars, a brand new game mode everything coming up in the latest update of AoE IV.

Here are details about newly released maps and a guide to perform extremely well during ranked play or challenges. Season five 7.0.5861 is quite remarkable in visuals and graphical changes attempting to increase user experience.

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Age of Empires IV: 3 new maps

Golden Heights

Age of empires IV Golden Heights
Age of Empires IV Golden Heights

Golden Heights unlike other maps is shivered with gold and prosperity. Investing in this new map is kind of beneficial to every player. The main components include a great and vast pond beyond cliffs of gold that are worth exploring.


Age of empires IV Migration
Age of Empires IV Migration

Nothing better to migrate to another location when resources on previous islands have been totally exploited. Migration is a map capable to provide long-lasting and long-term money and needed resources to keep the kingdom prosperous and happy. The map is quite big and can give every player the space that they wish to have.

Volcanic Island

Age of empires IV Volcanic Island
Age of Empires IV Volcanic Island

Opposite Golden Heights, Volcanic Island has no sign of resources or fertile soil. Just a mountain that breathes in and out fire or so-called volcanoes. To increase power, this location needs to be conquered and safely added to the existing kingdom. All of these maps are fascinating making it a big season for all the fans.


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