How to Download and Play Evony: The King’s Return on Laptop/PC/Mac

Evony: The King’s Return is a puzzle theme-based game developed by TG Inc. Unlike other puzzle games, Evony is most popular because of its brain-bursting levels that challenge the IQ of players leading them to the sense of achievement for completing hard stages.

If your beginner or want to know about Evony, here is a complete guide on Evony The King’s Return which includes everything the player needs to know before playing the game.

Evony The King’s Return Guide

How to Play an Evony Return of the King on Mobile?

Evony on mobile
Evony on mobile

The game is available on Playstore and Appstore, the game after installing provides a tutorial that teaches the theme and tasks needed to complete levels. The first level is guided which helps the protagonist reach towards the treasure box to claim 10k coins. The next level includes ice and water along with monster chasing that is knockout by a large round stone. With this, players fully understand the concept of the game and can progress further without any inmate help.


  1. Open Playstore/ Appstore
  2. Search for Evony by TG Inc.
  3. Download and Install Game
  4. Go to My Account
  5. Connect to the Evony Account
  6. Enjoy Playing

How to Play Evony on Laptop or PC or Mac?

Evony on Laptop /Mac / PC
Evony on Laptop /Mac / PC

Evony is not just limited to mobile or iOS but is available to download and play on Windows and Mac. One way is to play through BlueStacks while downloading Evony through the official website and enjoy.


  1. Visit the official website of Evony
  2. Click on the ‘Play on Web’ Button
  3. Fill in login details through email or Facebook
  4. Now Evony is available on the web version
Evony guide
Evony guide

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