COC June 2023 Season: Goblin Queen, Goblin Scenery and Gold Pass

Clash of Clans heads towards the new season of June 2023. In this season, plenty of new changes and additions have been done of which Goblin Scenery is classic and beloved. While Archer Queen gets its new skin of Goblin Queen which is scary and hits hard during battles. Also, Royale Scenery will be available in the shop for $6.99 as the season begins till the end.

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Clash Of Clans Season June 2023

Goblin Queen Skin

Goblin Queen Skin
Goblin Queen Skin

Archer Queen has been lucky most of the time as adorable as well as scariest and fierce skins are made for her. Players can watch their way out to purchase Goblin Queen Skin through COC Gold pass rewards. Some of the gameplay suggests the walking and attacking movement of Archer Queen exactly resembles living zombies and perhaps goblins. Green shades of color are a prominent feature of her new skin.

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Goblin Scenery

No season is fun without additional sceneries that excite players to go crazy to get it. COC Goblin Scenery is mastered to fill villages with gangs of goblins that can freely come through the town hall. Fire burning on one side and smoke in the sky where balloons lie with green grass everywhere is our new scenery. As usual, players need to pay the price or get a June Pass to claim.

Gold Pass June 2023

COC Gold Pass June 2023
COC Gold Pass June 2023

The skins and scenery listed above are meant for players who can afford to purchase pass which requires a handful of real money. There is no way to get a gold pass for free but upon bringing Clash of Clans, players can gift a gold pass to their friends and family or randomly giveaway. Not only skins but all the superior benefits are ready for subscribed users. Be ready for the Clan Games of June.

Here is the timeline showing the sequential happening of events and challenges to the game.

  1. Goblin Queen Challenge
  2. Clan War Leagues
  3. Miner, Wall Breaker, PEKKA
  4. Goblin Warden Challenge
  5. 1 Gem Army Boost
  6. 4x Star Bonus
  7. Super Dragon, wizard, Miner
  8. Clan Games June 2023
  9. 1 Gem Hero Boost
  10. Super Gaint, Valkyrie, Baby Dragon
  11. 1 Gem Resource Boost

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