Meta World: My City Guide – How to Play, Tips and Tricks to earn money (BEST)

Meta World: My City is a new board game developed by Netmarble, released on 18 April 2023 on Play Store and Appstore. This game is an extreme evolution of board games that have attracted millions of people into playing this game.

Here are complete beginner’s guides on How to play Meta World: My City game and earn money. Also, Tips and Tricks are provided in the end for better performance in the game.

Meta World: My City Guide

Meta World: My City Guide
Meta World: My City Guide

Similar to Monopoly Go Board Game, This game is based on throwing dice and owning land to construct landmarks that highly pay meta cash when an opponent visits that location. That means the whole city is under the player’s control once brought with initial cash resources. There are many other ways to earn and enjoy playing.

Meta World: My City Tips and Tricks

Meta World: My City Tips and Tricks
Meta World: My City Tips and Tricks
  • Roll the Dice
  • Buy Real Estate
  • Unlock characters
  • Upgrade Characters
  • Participant in Events
  • Complete tasks and claim rewards
  • Apply codes to redeem events

How to Play Meta World: My City

It requires no special skills to play this game. Rolling off the Dice and landmarking different cities on the map is the main theme of this game. Apart from gameplay, players have a chance to unlock avatars through Let’s Get Rich characters.

How to unlock characters in Meta World: My City

Meta World: My City Characters
Meta World: My City Characters

The Let’s Get Rich menu allows users to collect multiple characters and unique avatars that are displayed for users during the live game. Using this character in your deck to make it the best and upgrade their skills to make them even more powerful.

Characters Type:

  • Amateur
  • Pro 1
  • Pro 2
  • Expert 1
  • Expert 2

Popular Characters in-game:

  • Richard Woo
  • Dennis
  • Shane
  • Sophie

Meta World: My City Codes to earn coins

Meta World: My City How to play
Meta World: My City How to play

There are a few events that allow users to redeem coins through codes that are officially released on social media platforms to increase reach and excitement among users. In order to collect rewards, use the following codes and apply them to the coupon code menu to get coins, gold, and diamonds currencies as your rewards


  • Coupon Code (Code Event) – GETRICH2_DIA10
  • Coupon Code Challenge
  • Real Estate Draw Event
  • Recruit-a-friend Event


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