Marvel Snap Stegron Guide: BEST Deck

Marvel Snap is one of the biggest and most entertaining game rulings over card games. The major reason behind this includes the frequent introduction of new cards/variants and locations. Now is time for Stregon Card which is capable to replace your old deck with this new one. Here is a complete guide on Stregon to get victory in battles.

Marvel Snap Stregon

Stregon Card costs 4 energy and once played adds 5 power to ongoing location while its special ability involves the movement of the opponent’s card one location of the left. The card moved can be random but players know well how to use Stregon for personal benefits and increase chances of Victory.

Marvel Snap: Stregon Deck

Marvel Snap Stegron Varient
Marvel Snap Stegron Varient

Most enemy player is unaware of the powers of this new card which can be a beneficiary secret to apply during battles. Making space for a 6-cost card with Stregon can be one of the best-preferred strategies to try out. Here is the Stregon Card Deck which illustrates the importance of card combinations in Marvel Snap.

Stregon Card Deck:

  • Elektra
  • Lizard
  • Rocket Raccoon
  • Groot
  • Doctor Strange
  • Klaw
  • Stregon
  • Hulk
Marvel Snap Stegron Varient and deck
Marvel Snap Stegron Varient and deck

Players have been addicted to this unique concept of MCU characters and their unique powers along with location features. Also, it feels connected when our favorite Marvel card changes games on our side. Keep updated with new changes and updates on Marvel Snap


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