Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Jubilant Topiary

Disney Dreamlight Valley is back with new community challenges live from 14th April – 31st May 2023. After the major content update – Pride of the Valley, Disney Dreamlight Valley is now asking players to build their own theme park. Completing these challenges will reward players with mystic items. Out of these challenges, one is to acquire and place “Jubilant Topiary”. Here is the complete guide to making through Jubilant Topiary.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Craft Jubilant Topiary?

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Jubilant Topiary
Disney Dreamlight Valley: Jubilant Topiary

For newcomers, the Jubilant Topiary is one of the first topiaries that can be unlocked. In order to complete the community challenge, one must make Jubilant Topiary. In order to do so, we will need:

  • 5x Clay
  • 5x Soil
  • 3x Pink Houseleek

players can get Clay by simply digging the ground with the Royal Shovel. Meanwhile, to get soil, you will need to dig the place that has grass grown on it, best suitable locations for clay are Plaza and Forest of Valor.

Now the familiar players might know Pink Houseleek, while the newbies might have no idea about it. Well, the Pink Houseleek is a plant that can be explored at Sunlit Plateau.

Once all the material is in handy, go to the Crafting Station. Select Furniture Lab, selecting the recipe of Jubilant Topiary. Hit make to craft it.

Getting Jubilant Topiary was a simple mission that can be solved by following the given steps. As the challenge is to place 400k items, players will be rewarded once the requirements are met.


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