Clash Royale: Capture the Skeleton (Game Mode) and BEST Deck

May Season of Clash Royale is heading closely. Now is the time to know new features that will be added to the Books of Clash season. With recent sneak peaks, Capture the Skeleton game mode will be introduced to the challenge section. In this mode, Skeleton units will be playing a major role to take down King and Queen towers. Let’s understand more about this update.

Capture the Skeleton Game Mode

Capture the Skeleton clearly provides an idea of how skeleton guards, single skeletons and other Skeleton cards will be leading heroes of this battle. Also, there are chances of skeleton units making their way to one or more positions into decks. Having a good understanding of how to beat an opponent is of great benefit. Now players can not only have rewards but also season tokens in exchange for gifts with rare emotes and cards.

Best Capture the Skeleton Deck in Clash Royale

Now players know how this game mode will change battling in arenas. Here are some of the best picks of cards that are Proven to defeat enemies even in the hardest battleship. Capture the Skeleton Deck consist of uniform and we have researched and experimented with cards that are way more worthy to be included in your best deck.

Capture the Skeleton Best Deck

One of the best tips and tricks to conquer is to play quickly and with the aim to destroy one of the two sub Towers before sudden death starts. It’s better to attack buildings than troops to effectively and as such, Hog Riders are the best troops. Till then learn to use new strategies with Mega Touch Draft Down Deck in the guide provided.


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