Clash of Clans: How to 3 Star Dark Ages Warden Challenge

The Dark Ages Warden Challenge in Clash of Clans features a brand-new Grand Warden Skin, which is the first season reward. The esteemed challenge created by Sir Moose Gaming will reward players with 400 experience points, 25 gems, and a resource potion.

Here is a complete guide to easily 3 Star Dark Ages Warden Challenge in Clash of Clans.

Gather ye troops and storm the battlements!
charge ahead and defeat the Dark Ages Warden Challenge created by content creator Sir Moose!

How to Beat Dark Ages Warden Challenge?

Army Composition:

  • Healer: 1
  • Super Valkyrie: 2
  • Valkyrie: 8
  • Witch: 2
  • Ice Golem: 10
  • Clone Spell: 3
  • Skeleton Spell: 1
  • Recall Spell: 1

Step 1: Use of Skeleton Spell and Grand Warden

The attack will start from the left side of the base. Use a skeleton spell on the Clan Castle. Let the skeleton do its work. Make sure the Grand Warden is set to Ground, and deploy him near the Inferno Tower followed by Healers. Use Clone Spell to clone healers.

Deploy a Valkyrie near builder huts and make sure the Grand Warden is engaged with Inferno and Scattershot.

Step 2: Use Recall Spell

Now the Recall Spell comes into action, which will be used on Healers and Grand Warden once the Scattershot is eliminated. Once 1 Recall Spell is used on both, recall them at the right-hand side, near the other Inferno Tower. Use clone spells on healers and deploy Valkyrie.

Once the scattershot and the Inferno here are down, recall Grand Warden and the Healers. Deploy 1 valkyrie on the left-hand side and 1 valkyrie on the right-hand side.

Upon clearing builder huts, use Ice Golems at 6 O’Clock at the base. Recall Grand Warden and use all other troops here. When the troops are in the base, use the Grand Warden’s ability.

As the Clash of Clans is a strategy game, there can be several ways to clean up the challenge.


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