BEST Super Archers vs Golem Deck in Clash Royale (TOP 5)

Clash Royale brings Super Archers vs Golem which is a new event in the game. This challenge is live from 17th April onwards where golems will spawn timely at the main tower defense in the battles. Here is the complete guide on Super Archers vs Golem Deck to definite and sure consecutive wins.

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Clash Royale: Super Archers vs Golem

Super Archers Vs Golem Deck

Super Archers GOlems Deck
Super Archers GOlems Deck

In order to win matches without losing 3 times is pretty hard for beginners or mediocre players but an easy job for pro players. This is why, here are some of the best super Archer vs golem deck used by top players which provides them benefits in various ways. Use this deck in the live challenge for exciting rewards like season tokens and many more.

Best Super Archers vs Golem Deck

This deck includes air and ground troops both. Not only do super Archers help enemy units to swipe backward but attacks using aggressive cards will surely help players to win the deck. Hence it is believed to be the strongest deck suitable for this challenge.

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Best Deck for Super Archer Golems Event

Best Super Archer Golems deck
Best Super Archer Golems deck

Using heroes like Archer Queen and Might Miner to focus on destroying enemy towers while making sure our side is safe from enemy attack is a better perspective to turn the odds against our side. That’s why to use this deck to show off and strength to opponents.

Deck 1

  • Super Archers
  • Poison
  • Arrows
  • Skeletons
  • Ice Spirit
  • Firecracker
  • Graveyard
  • Mirror

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Deck 2

Below is one of the finest decks that have outsmarted enemies multiple times during all the events. This deck is most balanced in terms of defense and attack similar to other decks but the availability of low elixir units with Legendary heroes and cards makes it a deck of winners. Make your own modifications to the deck for better performance in Clash Royale

Super Archers Golems Decks
Super Archers Golems Decks

Tips and Tricks for Super Archer Golems Mode

There is always a need for the best technique that never fails to beat the opponent without disappointing the player. Here are some of the proven tactics that lead to a heavy momentum boost in the game. For this event, Players need to find a way that knocks out Golems in the first place, Later Super Archers can be taken down with help of defending and attacking combination.

  1. Use Super Archers as the main unit
  2. Quickly wipe off Golems after spawning
  3. Try to target lower towers before sudden death takes place
  4. Use troops wisely and when needed.

How to play Super Archer Golems Challenge

Players can access this event through the event tab located at right down corner of the game. Live challenges are enlisted here. At present, Super Archers Golems is available to complete. Using the following steps, players can learn to play challenges in Clash Royale.

  1. Open Clash Royale Game
  2. Locate to Event Tab on right down corner
  3. Click on the Super Archers Golems event tab
  4. Choose the Best Deck for this challenge
  5. Defeat opponents and win exciting rewards
  6. Use season tokens to claim multiple cards, emotes, skins, and resources.

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