Stumble Guys X Rabbids Collaboration Update

Stumble Guys keeps on adding new stumblers to keep players busy enjoying competitive battles of 3 rounds.. At this time, Stumble Guys collaborates with Rabbids to bring the whole Rabbid Rampage crew. Patterning with Ubisoft, Rabbids stumblers are ready to claim. This update is available from 15 March onwards.

Rabbids collection event

Rabbids Takeover event

New stumblers Rabbids

New Emotes and Animation

Stumble Guys X Rabbids Update

Stumble Guys collabrates with Rabbids Rampage
Stumble Guys collabrates with Rabbids Rampage

Crossover suggests a fusion of normal stumblers with Rabbids leading to the orange shirt, blue pant, and green hat along with the white flesh body of the rabbit. The player’s reaction to this update was positive and satisfactory. Each round will consist crowd of new stumblers which will enrich the beauty of the game to the next level. This is the reason why Stumble Guys has been constantly growing its popularity over the years.

List of Rabbids Stumbler Animations

  • Dance F
  • Dance G
  • Meditating
  • Floss
  • Fighting
  • The Robot

Final Thoughts

Stumble Guys Rabbids Stumbler
Stumble Guys Rabbids Stumbler

Previously, Carnivaler Skin and the arrival of Veloci T and Apocalypse Stumbler in 0.46 Stumble Pass lead to the addition of new costumes, animations, and emotes to the game. In the upcoming future expect more collaborations with the different popular games to maintain popularity among worldwide players

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