Stumble Guys New Map: Turbo Temple

Stumble Guys bring first every racing map called Turbo Temple. Stumblers used to spring and run to complete but in this map, each stumbler will be driving racing cars via steering controllers to reach the finish line. With this new map, 3 racing cars have been introduced with various features and looks.

Stumble Guys Turbo Temple Map

It has been a short time since Stumble Guys collaborated with Rabbids Rampage for whole new stumblers and skins. Now each player can drive cars in Stumble Prix Event which will be live soon. In the future, new racing levels will be added to expand Turbo Temple Map.

Start your engines! Turbo Temple is here!
Boost your way to the checkered flag in a brand new racing map! Play it exclusively in the Stumble Prix event!

Stumble Prix Event

Stumble Prix Event in stumble guys
Stumble Prix Event

Stumble Prix Live events will be held from 23 to 28 March where players can easily ride on the new maps. Playing with Velocity T and Apocalypse Stumbler combination with Carnivaler Skin which is a Legendary stumbler would enrich the competition and beauty of the game. Stay connected with GamerStones to remain alert to your favorite Stumble Guys mobile game and its future updates.


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