PUBG Battlegrounds Dev Talk reveals roadmap 2023 Updates

PUBG Battlegrounds to host Dev Talk revealing future updates coming in the game. PUBG will livestream about Roadmap 2023 through YouTube, and Steam on March 18. On the occasion of the 6th anniversary of PUBG Battlegrounds, detailed discussion on upcoming modifications and changes to the game will take place.

Pubg Battlegrounds Roadmap 2023

Before bringing Dev Talk, Update of 22.2 was live on PC test server which provided much valuable information about new weapons and maps through sneap peaks and more. It includes FAMAS weapon addition of anniversary decorations in Maps like Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar. One can be acknowledged with Update 2.2 Patch Notes through the official site of the game.

Dev Talk Livestream Dates

LIVE at YouTube, Twitch, Steam on
– March 18th, 7AM UTC
– March 18th, 8AM CET

What we expect in Dev Talk 2023

Pubg battlegrounds dev talk 2023
Pubg battlegrounds dev talk

Through little sneap peaks, it is clarified to have a Blackpink outfit in Pubg mobile game. 4 or more outfits could be released in association with the Blackpink music company. More information will be announced on March 15 on this topic. As usual, with the new update, we expect new maps and weapons for a more competitive and good user experience.

As per the official, it was called New Weapons and New Style signifying the arrival of new skins/outfits to the game. It has been fair and unfair to players for a long time, here is PUBG PanBan Report.


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