GTA V Online Los Santos Drug Wars – The Last Dose Guide

Grand Theft Auto V: Los Santos Drug wars has introduced The Last Dose event with 5 new missions. In The First Dose event, we helped Dax, Luchadora, Labrat, and other crews to control the psychedelics trade. And now The Last Dose is live till 30th March.

As per the official post,

The shadowy opposition is striking back, so it’ll be up to you to assist the Fooliganz in their quest to remain atop the illicit pharmaceutical food chain with five new missions that pick up right where things left off. Look for a call from Dax or visit The Freakshop to get going.

The Last Dose Event consists of five missions. Here is a complete walkthrough and guide for GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars The Last Dose mission.

GTA V: The Last Dose Guide

First Mission: Kill the Kidnappers

Upon entering the Freak Shop, one of the co-workers of Dax will get kidnapped. Now, we will need to kill almost all the kidnappers, however, some of them will escape. In actuality, the opponents we will be facing now are indeed powerful, be careful when dealing with them.

On killing kidnappers, the mission will be complete, granting you $100,000.

Second Mission: Hunt for Clues

On completion of the first mission, you will suspect some of the freaks at Freak Shop. Get in the Glendale Custom Car beside the shop. You will need to go to two locations (on the map), where the protagonists will need to kill dozens of bodies.

In doing so, talk to the last guy who will be the gang leader. You can hit him from the back, and start searching for the boss. Players can find the boss at the heart of the city. Once you spot him, go near him without killing him. Then start walking back to the car.

Now, we will head to Elysian Island. There will be a warehouse, which will grant us entry on hacking its keypad. In the warehouse, start hunting for five of the clues. The clues are:

  1. Cardboard
  2. A Crate
  3. Keycard
  4. A pile of Guns and Explosives
  5. Piece of paper on toolbox

On swiping all the clues, take the keys to the workbench. The second mission is now complete, awarding you an additional $100,000.

Third Mission: Fried Mind HQ

Once again, the scene will start from the Freak House. Get into the car and drop yourselves at Fried Mind HQ. Start walking into the side doors, kill all the guards as usual, and get on the top floor. Turn right and enter the first office there. Here we will be getting our first clue. The clue is the bunch of keys on the desk.

Upon collecting the keys, get into the middle room, where you will find some papers. Collect them.

Now, start our journey to the basement. Be careful here, because there will be heavy guards allotted. Upon entering the basement, you will spot Friedlander. However, in this clash, Friedlander will escape. Get back to the Freak Shop, and collect another $100,000.

Fourth Mission: Checking-In

Same as the previous scene, start at the freak shop, get into the Glendale Custom car, and reach the location, either by following the RV or getting in the location on your own. When reaching the location, you will need to kill some of the guards, making the entrance from the main gate.

Here, our hero will be tripling due to drug ingestion. In the battle nowhere, you will end up dying. However, the mission is now complete, claiming $100,000.

Fifth Mission: BDKD

Same as usual, hop in Glendale Custom from Freak House, and make your way to the aircraft on the bank of LS river. On reaching the location of ILIA, get behind a cargo plane. The plane will open its backdoor, and crashed the plane from that entrance.

Start killing the guards here as well. Go to the pilot area, and drive the cargo plane to sandy shores, where Dax will be waiting for us. Help them in loading the drugs in the truck. And this point, police will stop by, start eliminating the cops, get into the truck, and drive back to the freak shop. Park the car here and the last mission will be complete.

Even though the first two missions are pretty simple, you will need to work hard for upcoming missions.


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